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    Handheld Digital Vibration Meter, Bearing Vibration Tester

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    Factory price vibration tester equipped with a magnetic chuck, used for vibration measurement of mechanical equipment. It is easy to hold and use. The vibration meter is widely applied to mechanical manufacturing, electric power, metallurgy, and other industrial measurements. A digital vibration meter is an ideal tool for equipment condition monitoring.
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    Low cost digital vibration meter is a good tool for measuring vibration. The bearing vibration tester supports different vibration frequency options, widely used in electric power, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, automotive, etc. Portable vibration meter can quickly detect defects in motors, fans, pumps, compressors and machine tools. 


    • Digital vibration meter has a large LCD for visual display of measured values and measurement status.
    • It is available with acceleration, velocity and displacement measurements.
    • Bearing vibration meter has a high-sensitivity probe for accurate measurement.
    • Equipped with a long probe and a short probe, for measurement in various places.
    • The vibration tester features low battery indication, auto power-off, LCD backlight max value display, USB communication, data hold and data storage.


    • Model: ATO-VIBRO-UT315A
    • Acceleration measurement: 0.1~199 9m/s2 (peak value)
    • Velocity measurement: 0.01~19.99cm/s (true RMS)
    • Displacement measurement: 0.00-1.99mm (peak-topeak value)
    • Measurement error: +5%+2dgts
    • Frequency range (acceleration): 10Hz~10kHz
    • Frequency range (velocity): 10Hz~1kHz
    • Frequency range (displacement): 10Hz~500Hz
    • LCD display: 2000-count display
    • Refresh cycle: 1s
    • Data storage: 1999 sets
    • Power supply: 9V 6F22
    • LCD backlight off: Press the backlight button to turn off
    • Auto power off: After about 10 minutes of no operation
    • Battery life: Zn-mn battery: About 3 hours of continuous use, Alkaline battery: About 8 hours of continuous use
    • Operating temperature: 0~50°C
    • Operating humidity: 80%RH (no condensation)
    • Storage temperature: -20°C~60°C
    • Battery level indication: 4-level battery indication
    • Dimensions: 166mm*80mm*30mm
    • Weight: 395g
    • Altitude: 2000m
    • Safety standard: CE certification: EN61326-1 2013

    Digital Vibration Meter Details

    Details of digital vibration meter

    ① LCD
    ② Sensor cable
    ③ Probe (replaceable long probe, short probe and magnetic chuck)
    POWER: Power on/off
    A: Acceleration measurement
    V: Velocity measurement
    D: Displacement measurement
    HOLD: Hold data
    MAX: Display max value
    Light: Tum on/off the backlight
    READ: View recorded data
    CLEAR/▲: Clear recorded data; data up, USB communication, auto power off and autosave interval setting
    REC: Data storage MENU: Menu function setting
    ▼: Data down, USB communication, auto power off and autosave interval setting
    ENTER: Confirm

    Tips: How to maintain the vibration meter?

    • The vibration tester is precision apparatus required to avoid a collision, impact, moisture, strong electricity, magnetic field, oil and dust.
    • If the tester is not in use for a long time, please remove the battery to avoid battery leakage and damage to the tester.
    • Do not disassemble the tester or change the interior.
    • Alcohol and diluent have a corrosive effect on the housing, especially on the LCD. So just wipe the housing gently with some clear water.
    Existing reviews of Handheld Digital Vibration Meter, Bearing Vibration Tester
    This is a well-designed vibration meter
    This is an amazing vibration meter, especially for the price. It works perfectly, although it took a little while for my computer (Windows 7) to find it. The software works well and is easy to use.
    From: Austin | Date: 21/11/2022
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