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    Desoldering Pump

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    30W Electric Desoldering Pump, 32mm

    SKU: ATO-EDP-32
    The electric desoldering pump has a power of 30W and a diameter of 32mm. Low-cost solder sucker desoldering pump is equipped with advanced heat dissipation technology to ensure optimal performance even during extended use.

    30W Electric Desoldering Pump, 42mm

    SKU: ATO-EDP-42
    Buy a compact electric desoldering pump online. Desoldering vacuum pump is made of high quality material and durable.42mm electric desoldering pump ideal for home appliance repair, workshop and factory maintenance DIY.

    Aluminum Manual Desoldering Vacuum Pump

    SKU: ATO-EDP-363
    The manual desoldering vacuum pump is made of aluminum and features a powerful electric suction system for fast and efficient removal of solder from circuit boards. Its lightweight and portable design ensures convenience and precision in every desoldering task.

    Plastic Manual Desoldering Vacuum Pump

    SKU: ATO-EDP-361
    Buy a low price manual desoldering vacuum pump online. This plastic desoldering vacuum pump is designed with a double sealing ring and has a stronger suction power than ordinary solder suckers, which can effectively prevent air leakage and feel comfortable in your hand, and is widely used in the repair field of electronic appliances.

    A desoldering pump, also known as a solder sucker or solder vacuum, is a tool used to remove solder from electronic components and circuit boards. It is commonly used in the process of desoldering, which involves removing or replacing soldered components during electronics repair or rework.

    Desoldering pumps are commonly used in electronics repair and rework, especially when removing or replacing through-hole components, such as resistors, capacitors, or integrated circuits. ATO desoldering pumps provide a quick and efficient way to remove solder without damaging the surrounding components or circuit traces.