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    Aluminum Manual Desoldering Vacuum Pump

    The manual desoldering vacuum pump is made of aluminum and features a powerful electric suction system for fast and efficient removal of solder from circuit boards. Its lightweight and portable design ensures convenience and precision in every desoldering task.
    SKU: ATO-EDP-363
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    This powerful and compact aluminum manual desoldering pump is designed for easy desoldering of electronic components. The ergonomic design of the desoldering vacuum pump makes it a must-have for electronics enthusiasts or professional technicians.


    • Model: ATO-DS363
    • Dimension: 190mm* 20mm
    • Material: Nylon + phenolic Bakelite + aluminum-magnesium alloy
    • Seal Gas Ring: Single ring


    • The solder sucker desoldering pump is designed with double sealing rings, the suction force can reach 35cmHg, which can effectively prevent air leakage.
    • Aluminum manual desoldering vacuum pump adopts high temperature resistant solder sucker nozzle, not easy to age, with long service life.
    • The desoldering vacuum pump is equipped with a non-slip sponge cover on the external hand grip, which is soft and comfortable to hold and has the function of anti-slip and sweat absorption.
    • Aluminum manual vacuum solder can be disassembled with just a slight rotation, easy to operate and clean.

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    Solder sucker desoldering pump dimension


    The desoldering pump is commonly used in the field of electronics for removing solder from electronic components and circuit boards, facilitating repairs, and allowing for the replacement of faulty or damaged parts. Its efficient vacuum suction mechanism aids in the precise and clean removal of solder, making it a valuable tool in the electronics industry.

    Desoldering pump applications

    Tips: What types of desoldering pumps are available?

    Manual Desoldering Pumps: These are the most common type of desoldering pumps. They consist of a spring-loaded plunger mechanism that creates a vacuum when released. The plunger is pushed down to engage the vacuum and then released to suck up molten solder. Manual desoldering pumps require manual operation and are suitable for occasional desoldering tasks.

    Electric Desoldering Pumps: Electric desoldering pumps are powered by electricity and provide automated suction. They often have a trigger or button that, when pressed, activates a motorized vacuum pump. Electric desoldering pumps offer consistent suction power and are suitable for more frequent or demanding desoldering jobs.

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