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    30W Electric Desoldering Pump, 42mm

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    Buy a compact electric desoldering pump online. Desoldering vacuum pump is made of high quality material and durable.42mm electric desoldering pump ideal for home appliance repair, workshop and factory maintenance DIY.
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    The reliable electric desoldering pump has a diameter of 42mm and a rated power of 30W. ATO solder sucker desoldering pump has an ergonomic and lightweight design with excellent maneuverability and comfortable operation, suitable for professionals and hobbyists.


    • Model: ATO-DS-332
    • Tin Storage Cylinder: 42mm diameter
    • Heating Power: 30W
    • Electromagnetic Power: 350W (instant)
    • Working Voltage: 220V 50Hz
    • Dimension: 245mm
    • Gross Weight: 391g

    Dimension (unit: mm)

    30W vacuum solder dimension


    • Connect the power supply, preheat for about 3~5 minutes and you are ready to use.
    • Align the front of the nozzle with the solder joint to be removed and melt the solder.
    • Press and hold the suction button to suck the solder into the storage cylinder.
    • Move the suction nozzle away from the solder joint and release the suction button to eject the solder dross.

    Electric desoldering pump usage


    The desoldering pump is commonly used in the field of electronics for removing solder from electronic components and circuit boards, facilitating repairs, and allowing for the replacement of faulty or damaged parts. Its efficient vacuum suction mechanism aids in the precise and clean removal of solder, making it a valuable tool in the electronics industry.

    Desoldering pump applications

    Tips: How does a desoldering pump work?

    A desoldering pump, also known as a solder sucker or solder vacuum, is a tool used to remove solder from electronic components or circuit boards. It consists of a cylindrical tube with a plunger and a nozzle at one end. The basic operation of a desoldering pump involves creating a vacuum to suck up molten solder.

    Here's how it works:

    • Preparation: First, ensure that the desoldering pump is clean and in proper working condition. The plunger should move freely within the tube.
    • Heating: Apply heat to the solder joint or the area where you want to remove the solder. This is typically done using a soldering iron. The heat melts the solder, making it easier to remove.
    • Activation: With the solder molten, position the nozzle of the desoldering pump above the solder joint. Press the plunger down completely and lock it in place. This action seals the nozzle against the surface and prepares the pump for suction.
    • Creation of vacuum: Release the plunger, allowing it to move upward. As it moves, it creates a vacuum within the tube, pulling air and molten solder up into the pump.
    • Solder removal: The vacuum created by the plunger draws the molten solder into the pump, effectively sucking it up through the nozzle and into the tube. This removes the solder from the joint, clearing the way for component removal or further rework.
    • Cleaning: After removing the solder, release the plunger to break the vacuum. The collected solder will solidify inside the pump. To clean the desoldering pump, disassemble it and remove the solder residue from the tube and plunger.
    Existing reviews of 30W Electric Desoldering Pump, 42mm
    Scrap quickly and efficiently
    I use this 42mm, 30watt electric desoldering pump for my welding jobs, it has a very powerful suction that removes slag and scrap quickly and efficiently, increasing my productivity.
    From: Agnes | Date: 09/10/2023
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