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    Infrared Light Curtain Sensor

    Light Curtain Sensor with detection precision 20mm, 30mm for sale. Slim type, light on the front, power supply DC 12V-24V. Light axis pitch 10mm, 20mm, and protective range 0.1-2m /0.2-5m. With IP55 sealing level protection, the safety light curtain works at -10℃~55℃. Easy to install and use. Widely used in robots, automated production lines, elevators, and other fields.

    Photoelectric Light Curtain for Punch Machine

    Safety light curtain with photoelectric protection for sale. Power supply AC110-220V, maximum output current reach 100mA. Light axis pitch is 10mm, 20mm, and 40mm, and detection precision is 15mm, 25mm, and 45mm. With sealing level IP65, the safety light curtain works at -10°C ~ 55°C. Quick response time<10ms, and working current<200mA. Usually used in punching machines, shearing machines, bending machines, and other large mechanical equipment to protect safety. Easy to install and operate.

    Safety Light Curtain Sensor

    Safety light curtain sensor for sale, slim type, light on the side, equipped with aluminum shell and dual CPU processor, power supply DC 12-24V and response time 3ms - 18ms. With IP55 protection, the safety light curtain has an optical axis distance of 10mm, and 20mm, and can work at -10°C - 55°C. Protection length 0.2 m - 2m, dielectric strength AC 1500V, 60s. Safe and reliable NPN or PNP signal output, easy wiring and using.

    Safety Light Curtain for Industry

    Safety light curtain for the industry with affordable price, optional light axis pitch 10mm, 20mm, 40mm. Come with an aluminum shell, the safety light curtain can reduce vibration effectively. Power supply DC24V and protection level IP65 and work temperature range (-10°C, 55°C). The default shooting distance is 3m and the working current is < 200 mA. Light curtain sensors can be used for area protection of the size of the working area of the robot arm.

    Safety Light Curtain

    Safety light curtain with short response time, anti-interference ability, superior shockproof performance, long protection length, strong universality, easy to install and debug, certificates of TUV/ CE/ RoHs.