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    Photoelectric Light Curtain for Punch Machine

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    Safety light curtain with photoelectric protection for sale. Power supply AC110-220V, maximum output current reach 100mA. Light axis pitch is 10mm, 20mm, and 40mm, and detection precision is 15mm, 25mm, and 45mm. With sealing level IP65, the safety light curtain works at -10°C ~ 55°C. Quick response time<10ms, and working current<200mA. Usually used in punching machines, shearing machines, bending machines, and other large mechanical equipment to protect safety. Easy to install and operate.
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    Safety light curtains for punch machine equipped with photoelectric protector and pair of rocker arms, power supply AC 110-220V, and dual relay output. Strong ability to resist electromagnetic and light interference. Usually used in punch/bending machines/large equipment.


    Model ATO-AY50RC
    Protection length 0.2-20m (conventional shooting distance, others can be customized)
    Distance of optical axis 10mm, 20mm(default), 40mm
    Output method Dual relay output
    Optical axis distance Optical axis pitch X (beam number-1) / Light axis pitch X (beams-1)
    Detection accuracy 15mm, 25mm, 45mm
    Power supply AC 110-220V
    Working current <200mA
    Loading current <200mA
    Response time <10ms
    Diagnostic coverage >99%
    Mean time between dangerous failures 120a
    Degree of protection IP65
    Operating temperature -10°C~55°C
    Environment humidity 20°C, RH≤85%
    Anti-light interference 10000Lux (Angle of incidence≥5°)
    Anti-vibration Frequency: 10~55Hz, Amplitude: 0.35mm
    Impact resistance 15g, 16ms, X, Y, Z axis, 1000 times/1000times at X, Y, Z axis


    Model AY50-20140RC AY50-20300RC AY50-20380RC AY50-20460RC
    Number of Beams 8mm 16mm 20mm 24mm
    Applicable Punch 25T-45T punch 100T-125T punch 140T-200T punch 300T punch


    1. With complete specifications and models, the safety light curtain is easy to install and has simple wiring
    2. Light curtain sensor has perfect self-inspection function and strong anti-electromagnetic and optical interference ability.
    3. Strong vibration resistance, excellent waterproof and dustproof performance.
    4. The curtain sensor’ NC series output NPN/PNP signal, RC series is equipped with a plug-in controller, which adopts double relay output, and LED indicates working and fault status.
    5. Configurable S-shaped external controller provides double-sided protection.
    6. Laser safety curtain’ aluminum alloy shell, protects the internal circuit of the grating when it is impacted.
    7. Anti-vibration rubber ring, and shock-absorbing pad double protection, effectively reduce the vibration caused by impact.


    1. The safety grating is a transistor output, which cannot directly control the on-off
    2. Control on and off requires a controller or relay (optional)
    3. NPN normally closed NC output low-level OV under normal light-on state, no output when blocking light
    4. NPN usually opens NO no output under normal light-on state, block light output low-level 0V
    5. PNP normally closes NC
    6. Output high-level 24V in the normal light-through state, no output when light is blocked
    7. PNP usually opens NO output under normal light-on state, block light output high-level 24V.

    Safety light curtain kit

    Light curtain kit for punch


    RC type light curtain size
     Wiring diagram

    Punch light curtain wiring diagram

    Tips: Why does the punch press require a safety light curtain to protect safety?

    1. Because mechanical equipment must be installed with safety gratings according to certain safety requirements, the main purpose is safety protection.
    2. Automatic equipment or mechanical automation operation requires manual assistance, so during mechanical operation or operation, people need to avoid sources of danger and stay in a safe area (an area where people will not be injured). When a person enters a dangerous area, the machine should stop or take some other response measures. When the person evacuates from the dangerous area, the machine receives the signal and makes a follow-up response.
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    Very nice for the price easy to install and works perfect. We installed this machine in horizontally on the floor and it works nice as a no step area while our machine is running
    From: Luther | Date: 08/11/2023
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