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    32A DIN Rail Terminal Block, 800V

    SKU: ATO-TB-UK-2.5B
    DIN rail terminal blocks for sale, price low, rated current 32A, 800V, conductor cross-sectional area 2.5 mm2, stripping length 8mm, grey color, securely locked onto the DIN rail.

    41A DIN Rail Terminal Block , 800V, 8 mm length

    DIN rail terminal block with low price, it features 41 Amp, rated voltage 800V, rigid conductor is 1.0-4 mm2, which has small size, light weight and universal mounting foot to easily mount onto din rail.

    57A DIN Rail Terminal Connector Block, M4 mm

    Competitive price rail terminal block connector, with rated voltage 800V, current 57A, stripping length 10 mm, applies widely to the electric power industry.

    76A DIN Rail Universal Terminal Block, 800V

    SKU: ATO-TB-UK-10N
    Low price din universal terminal block online for sale, rated 800V voltage, current 76 Amp, 1.5-1.8 Nm torsion torque. Din universal terminal block is used for wires connecting of home appliances, electronic circuits, machines, etc.

    DIN Rail Mounted Terminal Connector Block, 32A, 0.5-0.7 Nm

    DIN rail mounted terminal connector block with cheap price, it features with 800V voltage, rated current 32 Amp, conductor cross-sectional area 2.5 mm2, screw nominal diameter M3 mm, offers long service life advantage.

    DIN Rail Terminal Block, 101A, 800V

    SKU: ATO-TB-UK-16N
    High current rail terminal connector block light weight, small size and cheap price, 800V, 101Amp, 1.5-1.8 Nm torsion torque, flexible conductor 4-16 mm, widely used in electric power industry.

    Barrier Terminal Block, 10A/20A/30A/60A/100A/150A/200A

    Low price barrier terminal block online for sale, with rated voltage 660V, 10 Pole, current 10A/20A/30A/60A/100A/150A/200A are optional. Barrier terminal block can be applied to connection for various electric equipment.

    High Current Terminal Block, 60A/100A/150A/200A/300A/400A/600A, 3/4 Pole

    Cost-effective high current terminal block, with rated voltage 600V, rated power 200W, 3/4 pole can be chosen. It is widely used for various electric equipment.

    Pluggable Screw Terminal Block, 10P/ 20P, 300V, 8A

    SKU: ATO-MSTB-2.5
    Economical price screw terminal block for sale online, with 300V voltage, –40℃~105℃ temperature range. Pluggable screw terminal block is used in household appliance, industrial control, communication field.

    The terminal block is a kind of accessory product used to realize electrical connection, which is divided into the category of connector in industry. ATO offers high current terminal block, pluggable screw terminal block, barrier terminal block and DIN rail terminal block four types for selection, wide range rated current from 8A to 400A are available. Terminal block connectors have factory price, good performance and fast response. Electrical terminal blocks are widely used used for electric power industry. 

    What is terminal block?

    The terminal is a bridge of communication between the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so that the current flows and the circuit achieves the predetermined function. Looking down the path of current flow, you will always find one or more terminals. The form and structure of this kind of product are ever-changing, with different application objects, frequency, power,Terminal blocks application environment, etc., there are various forms of connectors. But no matter what kind of terminal block, it is necessary to ensure that the current flows smoothly, continuously and reliably.

    What are the types of terminal blocks?

    Terminals can be divided into:

    Plug-in terminal block

    It consists of two parts plug-in connection, one part presses the wire, and then plugs into the other part, which is soldered to the PCB board. The mechanical principle of the bottom connection and the anti-vibration design ensure the long-term airtight connection of the product and the reliability of the finished product. Mounting ears can be added at both ends of the socket. The mounting ears can protect the tabs to a large extent and prevent the tabs from being poorly arranged. At the same time, this socket design can ensure that the socket can be inserted into the mother correctly. Receptacles can also have assembly snaps and locking snaps. The assembly buckle can be used to more firmly fix to the PCB board, and the locking buckle can lock the mother body and the socket after the installation is completed. A variety of socket designs can be matched with different mother insertion methods, such as: horizontal, vertical or inclined to the printed circuit board, etc., and different methods can be selected according to customer requirements. Available in both metric and standard wire gauges, it is the best-selling terminal type on the market today.

    Barrier terminal block

    It can realize safe, reliable and effective connection, especially in the environment of high current and high voltage.

    Spring terminal block

    Spring terminal is a new type of terminal using spring device, which has been widely used in the world's electrical and electronic engineering industries: lighting, elevator control, instrumentation, power, chemistry and automotive power.

    Din rail terminal block

    The use of crimping wire and unique thread self-locking design makes the wiring connection reliable and safe. The design of this series of terminal blocks is beautiful and elegant, and can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as short-circuit strips, identification strips, baffles, etc.

    H-type through-wall terminal block

    Using screw connection wire technology, the insulating material is PA66 (flame retardant grade: UL94, V-0), and the connector is made of high-quality high-conductive metal material. H-type through-wall terminal blocks can be installed side by side on panels with a thickness of 1mm to 10mm, and can automatically compensate for the distance between the panel thickness adjustment to form a terminal block with any number of poles, and isolation plates can be used to increase air gaps and creepage distance. The through-wall terminal block can be firmly installed in the rectangular reserved hole on the panel without any tools, and the installation is extremely convenient. equipment, electrical control cabinets, etc. With good insulation performance and high protection level, users only need to directly connect the external wiring to work, eliminating many unnecessary wiring steps.