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    32A DIN Rail Terminal Block, 800V

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    DIN rail terminal blocks for sale, price low, rated current 32A, 800V, conductor cross-sectional area 2.5 mm2, stripping length 8mm, grey color, securely locked onto the DIN rail.
    SKU: ATO-TB-UK-2.5B
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    Electrical terminal connector block, 800V rated voltage, 32 Amp, ideal for industrial power distribution equipment and control panel wiring applications.


    Model ATO-TB-UK2.5B
    Dimension 42.5mm*6.2mm*41mm (W*T*H)
    Screw Nominal Diameter M3 mm
    Torsion Torque 0.5~0.7 Nm
    Stripping Length 8 mm
    Rated Voltage 800V
    Rated Current 32A
    Section Area of Conductor 2.5 mm2
    Rigid Conductor 1.0~4 mm2
    Flxible Conductor 10-2.5 mm2
    Applicable Rail Mounting Feet G32-15L18/15, TH35-7.5
    Certificate CE, UL, Rohs
    Weight 100 Pcs/1kg

    Tips: How to connect the UK2.5B terminal?
    The ATO-TB-UK2.5B line has a capacity of 0.25-2.5 square millimeters. The tools required for wiring are M3 slotted screwdrivers, manual and electric. The length of the stripped wire is 0.8cm. Insert it into the tube-type cold-pressed end, crimp it with crimping pliers, then insert it into the UK2.5B terminal crimping frame, and lock it with a screwdriver. The hard wire can be directly connected to the locking screw without using a cold-pressed end.

    Existing reviews of 32A DIN Rail Terminal Block, 800V
    Very affordable terminal blocks.
    The 32A DIN Rail terminal block with an 800V rating was easy to install and provides a secure and stable connection for my electrical wires. The terminal block is well-built and feels sturdy, which gives me confidence in its durability.
    From: Theobald | Date: 27/03/2023
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    Terminal blocks are sturdy and affordable
    Bought these for a home automation panel I created. Very beautiful terminal blocks can be made at an affordable price. Would love to see them available in various sizes and configurations and more accessories.
    From: Lambertus | Date: 13/05/2022
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    Great value for the price!!
    The size is perfect! Big enough to put wires in and tighten down snug, small enough to not take up much space. Good pricing, fast shipping. Item quality and count are excellent. They work fine and do the job.
    From: Eva | Date: 20/04/2022
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