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    Education Discount

    Are you a Buyer from School? Login or Register for favorably discounted pricing!

    With a wide selection of lab equipment and supplies, ATO can be your source for outfitting or replenishing your project. Students and Teachers can save up to $200 on our products with the School Purchase Program at Present a student ID or any related identification proof upon buying, students and teachers can receive 10% off any full-priced purchase. Apart from this, you can get $200 OFF by posting an article or a review on your school website!

    How does it work?
    ATO offers College Students and Teachers a special discount on their entire purchase. Just send verification documents such as your ID card and your latest selfie to our customer service center at and if you’re a procurement representative for a college, send procurement approval materials issued by your college to the same email address. Note that your verification documents must be sent via a valid .edu email. Our staff will check the information upon receiving your email. If the information is verified, the discount will be taken at checkout.

    ATO reserves the right to change or cancel this program offering at any time.

    Who is eligible?

    • College (university/community college/technical college) students who are over 18 years old are eligible for the ATO discount. Active certified faculty members are also eligible for the program.
    • Anyone that has a valid .edu email can join the discount program.

    How do I verify my status?
    Education discounts
    Send your ID documents for verification and once confirmed, simply login to your account to receive discounts on future orders.

    What happens when I verify my status?
    Once you verify your college student or teacher affiliation, the discount will be applied to all eligible products in your shopping cart.

    Can I provide my discount to non-eligible friends?
    No, this program is only for eligible members.

    Post an article or a review on your website, get up to $200 OFF!
    To get additional special pricing, all you need to do is post an article, a review or recommendation on your procurement-related page. In the post, you must identify the name of the lab equipment supplier, namely ATO, and you must indicate the link to our website on your webpage. As far as the main body is concerned, you may cover (some of) the following points:

    • How well do these devices you bought from ATO work?
    • Are they qualified for your intended use?
    • How does your shopping experience on ATO feel like?
    • What benefits does ATO have as a supplier?
    • Would you like to make ATO a purchasing cooperative partner for your future procurement?
    • Will you recommend others to buy commodities from

    And when everything is done, send back the link to our service personnel at for verification. Once confirmed, we will give you 200 points which can be used for your next order.

    * 1 point equal to $1, you must register on to get the points.

    Note: If you place orders as a guest without registering, you'll lose the opportunity to get or use points.