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    Multistage Venturi Vacuum Generator

    Multistage venturi vacuum generator for sale, nozzle diameter 1.2/2.4mm, Rc 3/4" vacuum port, Rc 1/8" pressure supply port, max. vacuum pressure -84 kPa, max. operating pressure 0.7 MPa, structure of energy saving 3 stage diffuser.

    Pneumatic Vacuum Ejector, Body Ported Type

    Single stage pneumatic venturi vacuum ejector/generator at economical price, body ported type, nozzle diameter 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.3mm available, max. vacuum pressure -88/-48 kPa, supply pressure 0.45 MPa.

    Pneumatic Vacuum Generator

    Single stage pneumatic vacuum generator/ejector with low price, selectable 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm nozzle, max. vacuum pressure -91.8/57.2 kPa, supply pressure 0.5 MPa, equipped with silencer and signal confirmation equipment.

    Venturi Vacuum Generator, Box Type

    Low price single stage venturi vacuum generator/ejector for air compressor, box type, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.3mm nozzle diameter available, optional supply port size and vacuum port size, vacuum pressure -88/-48 kPa, supply pressure 0.45 MPa. Build-in silencer, easy to install.

    Vacuum generator/ejector is an efficient vacuum component which uses positive pressure air source to produce negative pressure. This makes it easy and convenient to obtain negative pressure where there is compressed air or where both positive and negative pressures are required in a pneumatic system. ATO provides low price multistage vacuum generator and single stage vacuum generator with silencer, compact and easy to install.

    Vacuum Generator Venturi principle vacuum generators are based on the Venturi principle.

    Venturi Principle of Vacuum Generator

    1. Compressed air is fed into the vacuum generator (A).
    2. As the cross section of the power nozzle (Venturi nozzle [B]) is reduced, the flow rate of the compressed air is increased. The dynamic pressure increases, while the static air pressure decreases at the same time.
    3. Once the compressed air passes through the power nozzle, the faster air will expand and create a vacuum.
    4. Air is inhaled into the vacuum generator through the vacuum port (D).
    5. The compressed air is discharged from the vacuum generator together with the inhaled air through the silencer (C).


    • Vacuum generators that work according to the Venturi principle are especially suitable for very high acceleration environments.
    • Vacuum grippers can be controlled individually.
    • Design different types of vacuum generators for centralized and decentralized vacuum generation systems depending on the specific application.
    • Various power levels suitable for different workpieces and applications.
    • Can be used in all vacuum systems.

    Vacuum Generator Features

    • The generator has mechanical vacuum switch.
    • The vacuum generator has a simple structure and long service life.
    • There are chemical-resistant and gas-resistant materials, which can be used in various environments. The vacuum degree produced by the vacuum generator can reach more than 90Kpa, which can be customized and mass produced according to customer requirements.