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    Multistage Venturi Vacuum Generator

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    Multistage venturi vacuum generator for sale, nozzle diameter 1.2/2.4mm, Rc 3/4" vacuum port, Rc 1/8" pressure supply port, max. vacuum pressure -84 kPa, max. operating pressure 0.7 MPa, structure of energy saving 3 stage diffuser.
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    Multistage vacuum generator/ejector is compact size and large flow rate, energy saving 20%. Build-in vacuum filter and sliencer, universal mounting style for top, bottom and side mounting.


    Model ATO-C-ZL112 ATO-C-ZL212
    Maximum suction flow rate (l/min (ANR)) 100 200
    Air consumption (l/min (ANR)) 63 126
    Nozzle diameter 1.2mm 2.4mm
    Vacuum Port (in.) Rc 3/4
    Pressure Supply Port (in.) Rc 1/8
    Exhaust Type Silencer Exhaust Rc 1/2 Port Exhaust Silencer Exhaust
    Maximum vacuum pressure -84 kPa
    Maximum operating pressure 0.7 MPa
    Supply pressure range 0.2 to 0.5 MPa
    Standard supply pressure 0.4 MPa
    Operating temperature range 5 to 50 ℃

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)


    Dimensions of Multistage Venturi Vacuum GeneratorATO-C-ZL212

    Dimensions of Multistage Venturi Vacuum Generator EjectorTips: What is multistage venturi vacuum generator?

    Vacuum ejectors are divided into single stage vacuum generators and multistage venturi vacuum generator. Under the condition of consuming the same compressed air, the vacuum pumping capacity of the multistage vacuum generator under the standard atmosphere is generally several times that of the single-stage vacuum generator. Therefore, the multistage vacuum generator is a truly efficient pneumatic vacuum pump. Nowadays, it is applicable to all occasions need large vacuum flow, has been widely used in pharmaceutical machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, production lines, robots, chemical plant and automated machinery. It cooperates with vacuum suction cup, which has been widely promoted in the transport industry.

    Features of multistage vacuum ejector

    • The special multi-stage venturi structure design, precision nozzle and aerodynamic technology make the multistage vacuum ejectors have good performance.
    • Replace the traditional rotary oil-feed vacuum pump, no pollution to the surrounding environment.
    • No moving parts, no lubricant and additional maintenance costs.
    • Small volume, light weight, low noise and no vibration.
    • Multi-stage injection, with less air consumption to produce a large amount of suction.
    Existing reviews of Multistage Venturi Vacuum Generator
    Excellent multistage vacuum generator.
    Great little multistage vacuum generator. This is a very versatile tool that will allow you to create a vacuum for fluid cleanup or testing HVAC components on a vehicle. Highly recommend.
    From: Lizard | Date: 27/04/2022
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