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    Digital Load Cell Amplifier, Output 4-20mA/0-10V/RS485

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    High precision load cell amplifier has a 6 digit LED display, output signal 4-20mA/0-10V/RS485. There are 3 keys for parameter settings. Digital load cell amplifier can be calibrated on-line by its 3 keys. The setting parameters include zero, capacity, communication rate, division value, decimal digits, etc.
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    Load cell amplifier has on-line calibration functions, output standard signal 0-20mA/0-10V/RS485.


    Model ATO-S-LCTR-DY610
    Accuracy ±0.05%FS
    Input signal 0~±20mV
    Excitation voltage for load cell DC 5-15V
    Output signal * DC 4-20mA/DC 0-10V/RS485 (Modbus-RTU)
    Sampling rate 80 times/s
    Power supply DC 12V, DC 24V

    Digital load cell Amplifier dimension drawing (unit: mm):
    Digital load cell amplifier dimension
    Load cell Amplifier wiring diagram:
    Digital load cell amplifier wiring diagram

    How to use the RS485 communicating function of load cell amplifier?
    The following video is about how to use the RS485 communication function of ATO load cell amplifier ATO-LCTR-OAR.

    Existing reviews of Digital Load Cell Amplifier, Output 4-20mA/0-10V/RS485
    Load cell amplifier with digital display
    The load cell amplifier with digital display is a very good product. It can be used as a load cell indicator for reading the weight values. So I save the money on buying another digital indicator. After setting parameters, I use a standard weight of 200g to test it, and the measured data is very accurate.
    From: Christian C | Date: 22/07/2019
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