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    Compression Load Cell, Column type, 15 ton/30 ton/50 ton to 200 ton

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    Column type load cell undertake special surface spraying and seal processing, can be used in harsh environment for a long time. Compression load cell can be applied for large platform scale, truck scale, rail weighbridge, and special for engineering force testing, overload safety testing and impact force measurement and control.
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    Compression load cells have capacity range from 15 ton, 20 ton, 30 ton, 50 ton, 100 ton to 200 ton. Load cell capacity can be customized according to customer requirements.
    After purchasing one ATO load cell, you can buy a special digital panel meter to obtain readings directly, or buy a transmitter to output standard signal to PLC, DCS and other systems. Customized output signal is 0-5V, 0-10V, or 4-20mA.


    Model ATO-LCCT-TJH-3
    Shipping weight 7.4~33.8kg
    Capacity range * 20 ton~200 ton
    Accuracy 0.05~0.1%F.S (linearity + hysteresis + repeatability)
    Sensitivity 2.0±0.1mV/V
    Creep ±0.05%F.S/30min
    Zero output ±1%F.S
    Temperature effect on zero ±0.03%F.S/10℃
    Temperature effect on output ±0.03%F.S/10℃
    Operating temperature -20℃~+65℃
    Input impedance 380±10Ω
    Output impedance 350±3Ω
    Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ
    Safety overload 150%F.S
    Bridge voltage (excitation voltage) DC 10V
    Material Alloy steel
    Protection class IP67
    Cable length 6m for capacity ≥ 5 ton, with aviation plug
    3m for capacity < 5 ton, with aviation plug
    Wiring EXC+: Red, EXC-: Black, SIG+: Green, SIG-: White

    Benefits of column type compression load cells

    This video offers a brief overview of the exceptional qualities and advantages of the column type compression load cell from ATO online store, viewers will gain insights into the superior performance and versatile applications of this specific type of load cell.


    Capacity Dimension (mm)
    ΦA ΦB ΦC ΦD H E M SR (radian)
    15~30 ton 86 73.5 56 40 140 129 10 200
    40~60ton 100 87 68 80 150 133 12 350
    100 ton 107 91 68 80 150 156 16 500
    150~200 ton 158 139 100 120 220 201 16 1000

    Compression load cell column type 15 ton to 200 ton dimension
    Tips: Load cell working principle
    Load cell is actually a kind of device to transform the weight signal into the measurable electrical output signal. At present, the commenly used load cell is the resistance strain load cell, which utilizes the principle that the resistance modifies accordingly when the strain gauge deforms. Load cell is mainly constituted by four parts, which are respectively the elastic component, strain gauge, measuring circuit and transmission cable.

    Existing reviews of Compression Load Cell, Column type, 15 ton/30 ton/50 ton to 200 ton
    I have experienced the purchase from ATO , as they have supplied me with 100 ton tensile load cell with a digital display controller , they also made the wiring and connecting as per my request and being received 100% as per my request and it is now in service since a year with no problems.
    From: Firas | Date: 14/12/2022
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    Compression load cell can be calibrated
    Do you sell reference load cells wit 50 ton and 200 ton caapcities, to be used in calibrating testing machines ISO grade 1 or better?
    From: Angelo | Date: 07/06/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can provide reference load cell with 50 ton and 200 ton capacities as requested. But the quality standard of these two load cells sensors is ISO9001/2015.
    High quality compression load cell
    Can you provide a load cell with 1kg capacity, and can measure even 1g?
    From: Alcantar | Date: 06/06/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can provide.
    Applicable frequency of compression load cell
    For your compression load cell dislay controller, does it work for 50Hz supply only?
    From: Johnny | Date: 19/04/2021
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    ATO Responded
    No, it works for 50Hz as well as 60Hz.
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