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    5 Digit Display Controller for Load Cells

    Digital panel meter can cooperate with load cells, force sensors and weighing sensors, two outputs for data comparison, digital panel meter can display gross, net, peak and valley value alternately.
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    Intelligent digital display controller can be used for measuring pressure, impact force, tension and weight, has functions such as zero tracking, automatic zero clearing when power on.


    Basics Model ATO-DDC5
    Dimension A: 160*80*125mm horizontal, hole size 152*76mm
    Shipping weight 2 kg
    Technical parameters Display -19999~99999
    Measurement accuracy 0.05%
    Measuring speed 10 times/second
    Display method 5 digit LED display
    Instrument power supply 100-240V AC
    Input signal ±25mV
    Indicator light definition Alarm 1, alarm 2, MOT, zero, gross, net, peak, valley, t, kg, g, kN
    Alarm J2 two alarm outputs
    Transmission (optional) B0 no output;
    B1 current output (4-20mA), (0-10mA), (0-20mA);
    B2 voltage output (0-5V), (1-5V);
    B3 voltage output (0-10V)
    External power supply 10V precision power supply
    Communication (optional) T1 Modbus-RTU protocol RS232; T2 Modbus-RTU protocol RS485

    Note: The optional functions are not necessary, can be selected according to your need. Communication and transmission can't be compatible at the same time.

    Tips: How to judge whether the measurement of display controller for load cells is correct in the field?
    Sometimes, one person can stand beside several load cells respectively to check whether the value of digital weighing controller is the same, and whether it is the weight of that person. This method is very simple and effective. If the data displayed for each sensor is not the same, there exists angular difference. And then it can be judged that the data is inaccurate when the weighing controller is used to measure the large object. Therefore, the height of each sensor should be adjusted to eliminate the gap. If there is no angular difference but the display data is not correct, it is necessary to recalibrate the body. When judging whether the body works normally, the user also can push the weighted container or tank with hands within short time to check whether the changed display data restores to the numerical value before pushing the body. If not, it indicates there is something with the external mechanical connection and there exists external force supporting the measured container or tank.

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