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    Digital Panel Meter for Potentiometers 5 Digit

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    Single channel digital panel meter can cooperate with displacement sensors, linear position sensors, potentiometers, etc. 16-bit A/D converter, zero clearing at any time.
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    Intelligent digital panel meter has adjustment and digital filtering function. Digital display controller can help to reduce errors of the sensor and the transmitter, effectively improve the system measurement accuracy and control accuracy.


    Basics Model ATO-DPM5
    Dimension A 160*80*125mm horizontal, hole size 152*76;
    B 96*96*112mm, hole size 92*92;
    C 96*48*112mm horizontal, hole size 92*45.
    Shipping weight 2 kg
    Technical parameters Display -19999~99999
    Measurement accuracy 0.05%
    Measuring speed 10 times/second
    Display method 5 digit LED display
    Instrument power supply 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz; 10-24VDC
    Input signal DC current 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10mA; DC voltage 0-5v; DC voltage 0-10V; Signal of mV; Potentiometer (500Ω-20KΩ).
    Contact input (optional) External switch input for clearing
    Alarm (4 kinds can be Selected) J0(no alarm), J1-J4 (1-4 kinds), J3 and J4 just for dimension A, B
    Transmission (optional) B0 no output;
    B1 current output (4-20mA), (0-10mA), (0-20mA);
    B2 voltage output (0-5V), (1-5V);
    B3 voltage output (0-10V).
    External power supply (optional) W0 no power;
    W1 24V DC;
    W2 12V DC;
    W3 10V precision power supply.
    Communication (optional) T1 TC ASCII protocol RS232;
    T2 TC ASCII protocol RS485;
    T3 Modbus-RTU protocol RS232;
    T4 Modbus-RTU protocol RS485.
    Print function (optional) Print

    Note: The optional functions are not necessary, can be selected according to your need. Communication and transmission can't be compatible at the same time.

    Tips: Steps for installing digital panel meter in the field

    1. Install sensor: It is necessary to adjust the sensor installation correspondingly under the assistance of the field staff and according to the condition of the site. There is a need for horizontal installation and also a need for bottom-up installation. All gaskets should be in the required position. The situation of squeezing film and improper sealing should not occur.
    2. Wiring: Connect all sensors with digital panel meter correctly. The signal should be outputted and received correctly. Besides, the data of digital panel meter and sensors should be one-to-one correspondence.
    3. Debugging: All the pressure and liquid level transmitter should adjust to zero, reset parameters. In order to ensure the display of the digital panel meter in line with sensors. The upper and lower alarm value should be set according to the requirements of the site and connected to the PLC.
    4. Site validation: In the field inject required medium into the storage tank. The numerical value of the digital panel meter should be corresponded with the actual one. There should be no leakage in the installation place of the sensor and the temperature is displayed correctly.

    In this video, ATO will show you how to set the basic parameters of digital panel meter, and how to connect a digital panel meter and a displacement sensor to form a simple displacement measuring system.

    Existing reviews of Digital Panel Meter for Potentiometers 5 Digit
    Good 5-digit digital panel meter
    If you want to know how much current and voltage you use, this is a perfect 5-digit digital panel meter. The installation steps on the page are very detailed and easy to install. It is highly recommended.
    From: Bahama | Date: 05/12/2021
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