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    Displacement Sensor, Draw-wire, 1000-50000mm

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    Draw wire sensor combines the advantages of angular sensor and linear displacement sensor, has a small mounting size, compact structure and high precision. The measuring range can be 1000mm/2500mm/5000mm or even 50000mm.
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    Draw wire sensor with protection class IP65 can work under harsh environment. ATO can customize a variety of non-standard displacement sensors according to customer requirements.

    Applications: Storage position location, reservoir dam protection, gate opening control, pressure machinery, papermaking machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, gradienter, construction machinery, injection machine, woodworking machinery, elevator , air compressor / hydraulic machine, height machine, industrial robot, X-Y axis and other displacement, liquid level measurement and position control.

    Basics Model ATO-DWSPHX
    Weight 500-1500g
    Measuring range * 0-50000mm (optional)
    Technical parameters Linearity ±0.1%FS~0.01%FS
    Repeatability ±0.01%FS-0.005%
    Sensor element String precision potentiometer
    Output signal * Potentiometer output (0-5kΩ) or (0-10kΩ)
    Voltage output (DC 0-5V) or (DC 0-10V)
    Current output (DC 4-20mA)
    AB phase square wave pulse output
    Tension force <600g
    Maximum reciprocating velocity 1000mm/s
    Power supply * DC 24V (12V, 5-30V for square wave pulse output all need to be customized)
    Lead wire * 3-wire, 2-wire (only for current output)
    Housing material Aluminum alloy with antiseptic treatment
    Wire material Stainless steel (Ф0.6mm~Ф0.8mm)
    Operating temperature -20℃~+80℃
    Storage temperature -40℃~+90℃
    Vibration 10Hz-1500Hz; 10G
    Protection class IP65
    Service life 100,000,000 times


    Displacement Sensor,Draw-wire,1000-50000mm Details

    Dimensional drawing (unit: mm):
    1. Measuring range: 0-2500mm
    draw wire sensor 2500mm imensional drawing.
    2. Measuring range: 0-8000mm
    draw wire sensor 8000mm imensional drawing.
    3. Measuring range: 0-18000mm
    draw wire sensor 18000mm imensional drawing.

    Tips: How to use draw wire displacement sensors?
    At the bottom of the draw wire sensor there is a mounting groove, use two mounting stands and screws to fix the sensor at settled location, tie the wire to the moving object. Align the linear motion of the draw wire with the motion axis of the moving object. When exercise occurs, the wire stretches and contracts. An internal spring ensures that the tension of the wire is constant. The threaded hub drive the precision potentiometer to rotate, and then draw wire sensor outputs an electrical signal that is proportional to the travel distance of the wire. Measuring the output signal can obtain the displacement, direction or rate of moving object.

    Existing reviews of Displacement Sensor, Draw-wire, 1000-50000mm
    Need wiring diagram of displacement sensor
    I am in need of the wiring diagram for the displacement sensor purchased recently.
    From: norbert | Date: 06/04/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Please refer to the attached wiring diagram.
    There is a thick black wire, which is a shielded wire and can be left unconnected.
    I want to displacement sensor installation manual
    Do we have installation manual, or any additional data sheets?
    Can you sent us the data sheet and installation manual of this sensor?
    A customers of us (Lift werx) is building this sensor on one of our cranes, so we would like to update our documentation.
    Do you also have a local supplier in Europe?
    Can you quote to us the sensor with measuring range 0-5000mm, output 4-20mA?
    From: hyde | Date: 06/04/2023
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    ATO Responded
    This displacement sensor is bracket mounted. Our products are equipped with mounting brackets before leaving the factory, please refer to the installation manual of this sensor in the attachment.
    Payment method for 1000-50000mm draw wire displacement sensor
    Can this 1000-50000mm draw wire displacement sensor be signed and stamped on the invoice, and then make a bank transfer?
    From: Anthony | Date: 17/03/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, this 1000-50000mm draw wire displacement sensor can operate like this.
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