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    Oil Pressure Switch

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    Oil Pressure Switch, 15 to 60 Bar

    Hydraulic pressure switch can be adjusted from 15 to 60 bar, operating environment from -40°C to 110°C. Widely used in pneumatic, hydraulic and oil systems. Low price, service life up to 100,000 times.

    Oil Pressure Switch, 30 to 200 Bar

    SKU: ATO-OPS-02N
    Pressure switch can be adjusted in the range of 30-200 bar, pressure resistance up to 110°C, high sensitivity, long service life time. Hydraulic pressure switch is widely used in automobile machinery, chemical machinery, various hydraulic systems and circuits.

    Oil Pressure Switch, 4 to 25 Bar

    SKU: ATO-OPS-02S
    Adjustable hydraulic oil pressure switch for sale, pressure range 4-25 bar, high pressure resistance to 110°C, pipe installation method, widely used in various hydraulic systems and circuits.

    Oil Pressure Switch, 5 to 60 Bar

    Adjustable hydraulic pressure switch adjustable pressure range 5 to 60 psi, pipe installation, widely used in hydraulic fluid fields such as automobile machinery, electronic equipment, transportation machinery, etc.

    Oil Pressure Switch, 50 to 350 Bar

    SKU: ATO-OPS-02H
    Oil pressure switch can adjust the pressure range from 50 to 350 bar, use maximum pressure 400 bar. Pressure switch shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which has high strength and high temperature resistance.

    The oil pressure switch is a component in the hydraulic system that activates the electrical contact when the fluid pressure reaches a predetermined value. By adjusting the pressure relay, the function of outputting an electrical signal at a certain set pressure is realized. The pressure range can be selected from 4 bar to 350 bar, and the maximum pressure is 400 bar.