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    Oil Pressure Switch, 15 to 60 Bar

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    Hydraulic pressure switch can be adjusted from 15 to 60 bar, operating environment from -40°C to 110°C. Widely used in pneumatic, hydraulic and oil systems. Low price, service life up to 100,000 times.
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    Hydraulic oil pressure switch for pneumatic, hydraulic and oil systems, pressure switch can be adjusted from 200 to 800 psi. High sensitivity pressure switch, repeatable positioning accuracy.


    1. Applicable medium: hydraulic oil or similar liquid, non-corrosive and free of solid particles and fibers, with a viscosity of 5-1500cst oily liquid.
    2. High-strength aluminum alloy shell, chrome-plated joints, high strength, strong oxidation resistance, and not easy to be corroded.
    3. The pressure switch has high sensitivity and long service life.
    4. The oil high-pressure switch material uses special processing technology to reduce the film, special heat treatment process contact, no jam, no fluctuation, low noise, high repeat positioning accuracy, and stable product performance.
    5. Cast iron shell or copper joints can be customized according to customers.


    Model ATO-OPS-JCS02NL
    Max Voltage 220V
    Max Current 5A
    Pressure 30-200 Bar
    Max Pressure 68 Bar
    Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
    Use Environment Temperature -40℃ - 110℃
    Weight 1kg


    Oil Pressure Switch Details

    Hydraulic Pressure Switch Installation

    Pressure switch installation Hydraulic oil pressure switch

    15 to 60 Bar Oil Pressure Switch Dimension (Unit=mm)
    Oil pressure switch dimension
    Tips: What is a oil pressure switch?
    The oil pressure switch is a hydraulic-electric conversion element that uses the pressure of the liquid to open and close the electrical contacts. When the system pressure reaches the setting value of the pressure switch, an electrical signal is sent to make the electrical components (such as electromagnets, motors, time relays, electromagnetic clutches, etc.) actuate, depressurize and reverse the oil circuit, and the actuators realize sequential actions. Or turn off the motor to stop the system and play a safety protection role.

    Existing reviews of Oil Pressure Switch, 15 to 60 Bar
    The hydraulic pressure switch is easy to use thanks to after sales support
    The hydraulic pressure switch was very easy to install and use and from the day I installed it, it has worked flawlessly, ATO were quick to answer any questions I had and helped me choose the right product for my needs, thanks a lot.
    From: Aldrich | Date: 20/02/2023
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    Great value.
    Works great, great pricing, perfect fit and fast shipping! Way cheaper than having the shop do it.
    From: wje | Date: 21/04/2022
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