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    Oil Pressure Switch, 50 to 350 Bar

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    Oil pressure switch can adjust the pressure range from 50 to 350 bar, use maximum pressure 400 bar. Pressure switch shell is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which has high strength and high temperature resistance.
    SKU: ATO-OPS-02H
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    Oil pressure switch adopts tubular installation method, applied to various hydraulic systems and circuits, with precise control, long service life, and operating environment from -40°C to 110°C.


    1. Applicable medium: hydraulic oil or similar liquid, non-corrosive and free of solid particles and fibers, with a viscosity of 5-1500cst oily liquid.
    2. High-strength aluminum alloy shell, chrome-plated joints, high strength, strong oxidation resistance, and not easy to be corroded.
    3. The pressure switch has high sensitivity and long service life.
    4. The oil high-pressure switch material uses special processing technology to reduce the film, special heat treatment process contact, no jam, no fluctuation, low noise, high repeat positioning accuracy, and stable product performance.
    5. Cast iron shell or copper joints can be customized according to customers.


    Model ATO-OPS-JCS02H
    Max Voltage 220V
    Max Current 5A
    Pressure 50-350 Bar
    Max Pressure 400 Bar
    Shell Material Aluminum Alloy
    Use Environment Temperature -40℃ - 110℃
    Weight 1kg


    Oil Pressure Switch Details

    50 to 350 Bar Pressure Switch Installation

    Pressure switch installation Hydraulic oil pressure switch

    50 to 350 Bar Oil Pressure Switch Dimension (Unit=mm)
    Oil pressure switch dimension

    Tips for using pressure switch

    1. The pressure switch that meets the requirements should be selected according to the specific purpose or system pressure. At the same time, in order to ensure the sensitivity of the equipment, it is necessary to avoid the use of high-pressure pressure switches in the system.
    2. Install the oil pressure switch in the correct way according to the regulations in the manual.
    3. Wire the micro switch in the equipment according to the power supply form and specific requirements in actual application.
    4. After the adjustment is completed, the position needs to be locked and fixed to prevent changes caused by vibration in the future work.
    5. The oil discharge cavity of the oil pressure switch should be directly connected to the oil return tank, otherwise the back pressure of the oil discharge port will be too high to affect its sensitivity.

    Existing reviews of Oil Pressure Switch, 50 to 350 Bar
    High quality 50 to 350Bar oil pressure switch
    When I first browsed the page of this 50-350Bar oil pressure switch, I saw that there are many advantages in the description, but I bought it with skepticism, and the effect is good after use. Honest merchants will buy from ATO if necessary in the future.
    From: Nicole | Date: 19/10/2021
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