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    Strain Gauge Load Cell, S type, 5kg/50kg/1000kg/3 ton to 20 ton

    SKU: ATO-LC-S01
    S type load cell can bear both tension and pressure, with good output symmetry, high accuracy, compact structure and complete specifications. Strain gauge load cell can be applied for batching scale, electronic-mechanical scale, crane scales and other force value measurement and control.

    1500W 48V DC Servo Motor, 9.5 Nm, 1500 rpm

    Powerful 1500W brushless DC servo motor comes with 110mm square flange size, compact and light weight, feedback with the accompanying 2500 PPR incremental encoder. It is designed for rated voltage of 48V with 33A current, allowing for low speed of 1500 rpm and high torque of 9.5 Nm.

    3000W 48V DC Servo Motor, 19 Nm, 1500 rpm

    Affordable price BLDC servo motor with 3000W high power rating, 130 mm compact flange size, 2500 PPR incremental encoder, allowing for a high torque of 19 Nm and low speed of 1500 rpm. Its no-load speed is 1700 rpm and peak torque is 57 Nm, designed for 48V DC voltage.