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    High Temperature Limit Switch with Roller Plunger

    There are two types of roller plunger limit switch, the roller direction of the one is parallel to the mounting surface, and the other is perpendicular to the mounting surface. Roller plunger has automatic reset function. It is also high temperature limit switch with the fully enclosed 1NO + 1NC contact switches casting from high temperature resistant material. It can be used in the environment temperature 350℃ (622℉) and without being damaged by oxidation or pollution. The default rated current and voltage is 5A/220VAC. Other values are customizable, such as 3A/480VAC, 0.8A/120VDC, etc.

    Digital Gas Flow Meter, Air/Oxygen/Nitrogen, 0-250L/min

    SKU: ATO-FLOW-MF5700
    Small gas mass flow meter, selectable flow range 0~20L/min (DN 6mm), 0~100L/min (DN 8mm) and 0~250L/min (DN 12mm). Digital display, easy to read. High sensitivity and good repeatibility, accurate to trace the flow rate. Battery-powered, low power consumption. Favorable price and high reliability, suitable for instantaneous flow rate and flow accumulation of compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.

    1/4 hp Non-Enclosure VFD, 1ph Input, 1ph/3ph Output

    SKU: GK3300-2S0002
    Customized no shell single phase VFD for sale, 1/4 hp (200 W) capacity variable speed drive, convert single phase 208~240v to 1ph/3ph, high torque output, high accurate control, suitable for various motor speed controls.

    3 Phase 3 hp (2.2kW) Regenerative Blower, 380V, 124 cfm

    SKU: ATO-RB-380-2200
    The affordable price 380 volt regenerative blower is a high pressure industrial air blower with large airflow up to 124 cfm. It works at three phase, 3 hp working power, -220 mbar rated vacuum pressure, 270 mbar rated compress pressure.

    Micro Load Cell, S Type, 5N/500N/1000N, 1kg/10kg/30kg/200kg

    SKU: ATO-LC-S04
    S type micro load cell can bear both tension and pressure, with small size 5*16*19.1mm, good stability, good output symmetry, high accuracy, low temperature drift, compact structure and overload protection. Micro load cell is suited to use in restricted spaces such as manipulator and robot, and specifically used for button tester and force gauge.