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    Output 4-20mA Inclinometer Sensor, ±10°~±180°

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    Low price inclinometer sensor for sale. Single axis/dual axis tilt angle measurement, standard current 4-20mA output, optional measuring range ±10°/±30°/±60°/±90°/±180°, maximum accuracy 0.01°, wide voltage input 9-36V. Standard industrial inclinometer tilt sensor, wide applications.
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    The inclinometer sensor has 4-20mA current output, ±10°~±180° measuring ranges and 1-axis/2-axis features for selection. It is an industrial tilt angle sensor, suitable for bad working conditions.


    • The inclinometer sensor outputs 4-20mA standard current, transmission distance is up to 2000 meters.
    • Output signal of the single/dual axis inclinometer has strong anti-interference, which is dedicated to engineering machinery and equipment working in harsh environments.
    • The tilt sensor adopts MEMS sensing production process to make precise compensation and correction for temperature error and nonlinear error. Small range accuracy can reach 0.05°, high precision, small size, high packaging technology, strong shock and vibration ability.
    • Inclinometer sensor has built-in anti-radio frequency and adopts anti-electromagnetic interference circuit, which is especially suitable for underground non-excavation machinery and other harsh industrial environments.
    • In terms of reliability and stability of the industrial inclinometer sensor, it uses industrial-grade MCUs, 3-proof PCB boards, cables, wide-temperature shielded metal casings and other measures to improve its industrial grade.

    Technical Specification

    Measuring AxisX/XY (single/dual)X/XY (single/dual)X/XY (single/dual)X/XY (single/dual)X/XY (single)-
    Measuring Range*±10°±30°±60°±90°±180°-
    Zero Output12mA12mA12mA12mA12mA0° output
    Absolute Accuracy0.05°0.05°0.06°0.08°0.1°@25℃
    Long Term Stability0.05°0.05°0.05°0.05°0.05°-
    Zero Temperature Coefficient±0.006°/℃±0.006°/℃±0.006°/℃±0.006°/℃±0.006°/℃-40~85℃
    Sensitivity Temperature Coefficient≤100 ppm/℃≤100 ppm/℃≤100 ppm/℃≤100 ppm/℃≤100 ppm/℃-40~85℃
    Power On Time0.5s0.5s0.5s0.5s0.5s-
    Response Time0.02s0.02s0.02s0.02s0.02s-
    Response Frequency1~20Hz1~20Hz1~20Hz1~20Hz1~20Hz-
    Output Signal4-20mA
    Electromagnetic CompatibilityAccording to EN61000 and GBT17626
    MTBF≥50000 hours/times
    Insulation Resistance≥100MΩ
    Shockproof100g@11ms, 3 Times/Axis (half sinusoid))
    Anti-Vibration10grms, 10~1000Hz
    Protection GradeIP67
    High Seismic Performance>2000g
    CablesStandard 1m length, wearproof, grease proofing, wide temperature, shielded cables 4*0.4mm2
    Weight165g (without cable)

    *Note: This Technical data only list ±10°, ±30°, ±60°, ±90°, ±180° series for reference, other measuring range please refer to the adjacent specifications.

    Electrical Specification

    Power Supply9V12V, 24V36VStandard
    Working Current-50mA--
    Output Load-400Ω1000ΩResistive
    Working Temperature-40℃-+85℃-
    Store Temperature-55℃-+125℃-

    4-20mA Inclinometer Sensor Electrical Wiring

    • Single Axis Wiring Definition
    Power negative
    Out X
    X Axis output current
    Spare line
    Vcc Power supply
    Power positive
    • Dual Axis Wiring Definition
    Power negative
    Out X
    X Axis output current
    Out Y
    Y Axis output current
    Vcc Power supply
    Power positive

    4-20mA Inclinometer Sensor Dimensions Diagram

    Dimensions of SCA inclinometer sensor 4-20ma 10°-180°

    Inclinometer Sensor Installation Direction Diagram

    The installation must guarantee the inclinometer sensor bottom is parallel to measured face,and reduce the influence of dynamic and acceleration to the tilt sensor. This inclinometer sensor can be installed horizontally or mounted vertically, for installation please refer to the following scheme.

    Installation of SCA inclinometer sensor 4-20ma 10°-180°

    Tips: Definitions of inclinometer sensor key specifications.

    • Resolution: It refers to the smallest change value of the measured value that can be detected and distinguished by the inclinometer sensor within the measurement range.
    • Absolute accuracy: refers to the combined error of absolute linearity, repeatability, hysteresis, zero point deviation, and horizontal axis error of the inclinometer sensor, under normal temperature conditions.
    • Long-term stability: It refers to the deviation between the maximum value and the minimum value of the inclinometer sensor after one year of long-term work, under normal temperature conditions.
    • Response time: It refers to the time required for the sensor to output and reach the standard value when the angle of the inclinometer sensor changes once.
    Existing reviews of Output 4-20mA Inclinometer Sensor, ±10°~±180°
    Amazing inclinometer sensor!
    Quite a remarkable inclinometer sensor! This is a great little tool that works as advertised. The quality is great. I have used it for weeks and I think that it is worth to have a high rating!
    From: Candy | Date: 27/03/2022
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    Is this dual-axis inclinometer suitable for machines?
    Is this dual-axis inclinometer suitable for machines? I need one axis 360 degrees and the second axis can be smaller such as 15 degrees.
    From: DeLisle | Date: 12/12/2022
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    For an axis of 360 degrees (±180 degrees), it is a single axis, not a double axis. We recommend using our single-axis X-axis to measure the inclination angle of plus or minus 180 degrees. And another our single-axis Y-axis to measure the inclination angle of ±15 degrees or 30 degrees.
    Will inclinometer sensor regain its position?
    OK. But will it regain its position once power is restored without need to be zeroed or calibrated?
    From: kerri | Date: 10/05/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Once power is restored, the sensor does not need to be calibrated and adjusted, and can directly output the absolute angle value.
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