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    2 hp (1.5 kW) Brushless DC Motor, 36V/48V, 4.78 Nm

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    Buy best 1500 watt brushless DC motor kit (3 phase BLDC motor and controller) at low price for your electric car. Motor features 3000 rpm rated speed, 4.78 Nm holding torque, peak torque up to 14.33 Nm, working at 36V / 48V DC power supply.
    SKU: ATO-BLDC-1500R3
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    Delivery date: 6-25 days

    2 hp (1500W) 3 phase brushless DC electric motor and controller for sale, 36 volt, 48 volt BLDC motor, protected with IP54, class F insulation, higher efficiency more than 85%. Adding brake option, matching planetary gearbox/ worm gearbox are available. In general, it would be more cost-effective to buy a complete set of our BLDC motors.

    Basic Specifications

    • Model: ATO-D110BLD1500 (Click to see the motor specs)
    • Matched Controller Model: ATO-BD100 (Click to the controller page)
    • Rated Power: 1500W
    • Rated Voltage: 36V DC / 48V DC (Optional)
    • Rated Current: 52.08A at 36V, 39.06A at 48V
    • Phase: 3 phase
    • Holding Torque: 4.78 Nm
    • Peak Torque: 14.33 Nm
    • Rated Speed: 3000 rpm for standard (or 2000 rpm when matching the worm gearbox)
    • No-load Speed: 4200 rpm
    • Square Flange Size: 110 mm
    • Weight: 5.5 kg

    Technical Parameters

    • Working Efficiency: 85%
    • Number of Pole: 4 pairs of poles (8 poles)
    • Brake Apparatus Voltage: 24V DC/ 48V DC, (Electromagnetic brake will trigger when the DC supply cuts off)
    • Brake Size: Φ76.8*27.7mm
    • Insulation Grade: F
    • Protection Grade: IP54 (IP65 can be customized, just contact us)
    • Working Temperature: 10℃~+40℃
    • Humidity: ≤90% (no condensation)
    • Motor Lead Length: 1 meter
    • Certificate: CE, ROHs, ISO/TS16949

    Note: Power, Voltage, Speed, Shaft, Motor Length, Motor Lead of ATO BLDC Motors can be customized.


    1. High performance and low consumption
      1.5kW BLDC motor is three phase electric motor, which especially suited for application requiring higher efficiency and power density.
    2. Wide application range and good control effect
      Brushless dc motor works with a matching controller (ATO-BD100) may achieve simple to complex control, turn from CW to CCW, and meet various communication requirements (RS232, RS485, CAN, etc.). BLDC controller can be controlled through 0-5VDC analog signal to adjust the speed.
    3. Wide control speed torque range
      Brushless dc motor works with a gearbox (choose planetary gearbox with gear ratio from 4:1 to 200:1 or worm gearbox with gear ratio from 7.5:1 to 100:1) effectively reduce the motor's speed and moment of inertia to increase torque in your application, because the gearbox can control the start/stop and change speed in time.
    4. Low noise and smooth operation
      Brushless dc motor has no brushes, no sparks will be generated during operation, which greatly reduces friction.
    5. Good protection performance and continuous duty (24/7)
      1500W 48 volt BLDC motor kit adopts a new type of sealing device, which has good protection performance and strong adaptability to the environment, and works continuously in harsh environments such as corrosion and humidity.

    Line Define

    BLDC motor line define

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    ATO 1.5kw BLDC motor dimension

    Speed - Torque Curve

    1.5kW bldc motor torque speed curve

    • Instantaneous maximum torque line
      The maximum torque momentarily impacts the load when the motor is started.
      Beyond this torque, the over-current protection of the driver will cause the motor to stop.
    • Short time operation area
      The motor can run at a short time within this torque range at different speeds.
      If the operation time is too long, the motor will generate heat, which may cause the motor to stop or burn.
    • Rated operating torque line
      The rated torque of motor running at different speeds, and the motor can run for a long time at this torque.
    • Continuous operating area
      When the motor rotates at different speeds, it runs continuously in this corresponding zone.

    Characteristic Curve

    1.5kW bldc motor characteristic curve


    1.5KW Brushless DC Motor Details

    Tips: Brushless DC Motor Control Circuit

    The commutation circuit of DC brushless motors includes two inseparable parts, which are the drive circuit and the control circuit, low-power circuits in particular tend to integrate the two into a single dedicated integrated circuit.

    The drive circuit and the control circuit can each be integrated separately in high-power motors. The drive circuit outputs electrical power, drives the armature windings of the motor, and is controlled by the control circuit. At present, the driving circuit has been switched from the linear amplification state to the pulse width modulation switching state, and the corresponding circuit components are also transferred from the transistor discrete circuits to the modular integrated circuits. Modular integrated circuits have power bipolar transistors, power FETs and isolation gate field effect bipolar transistors and other components. Although, the barrier field effect bipolar transistor is more expensive, it is more appropriate to choose it from a reliable safety and performance point of view.


    ATO High Torque BLDC Motor Drawings & Price


    1. ATO highly recommends 48V motors because all models of 48V are in stock, the price is cheaper and the delivery time is shorter, only about 7 days.
    2. 24V/ 72V/ 96V motors are generally not in stock, need to be produced by the factory, which will cost more to start the production line and the delivery time will be longer, about 25 days.
    3. The prices in the table are just for your reference. If you want to get the latest quotation, please feel free to contact us.
    Model Motor Price Controller Price Rated Power
    (USD/Piece) (USD/Piece) (kW)
    80mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-80WDM01330 24/48/72/96V 24V: 458.24 395.52 0.41
    48V: 305.49
    72/96V: 580.43
    ATO-80WDM02420 24/48/72/96V 24V: 564.53 395.52 0.5
    48V: 376.35
    72/96V: 715.06
    ATO-80WDM02430 24/48/72/96V 24V: 529.16 395.52 0.75
    48V: 352.77
    72/96V: 670.26
    ATO-80WDM03320 24/48/72/96V 24V: 597.68 395.52 0.69
    48V: 398.45
    72/96V: 757.36
    ATO-80WDM03330 24/48/72/96V 24V: 639.27 395.52 1.04
    48V: 426.18
    72/96V: 809.74
    110mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-110WDM02020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 687.38 395.52 0.4
    48V: 458.25
    72/96V: 824.85
    ATO-110WDM02030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 745.11 395.52 0.6
    48V: 496.74
    72/96V: 894.13
    ATO-110WDM04010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 779.86 395.52 0.4
    48V: 519.93
    72/96V: 935.87
    ATO-110WDM04020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 788.57 395.52 0.8
    48V: 525.71
    72/96V: 988.33
    ATO-110WDM04030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 798.63 653.05 1.3
    48V: 532.42
    72/96V: 1001.95
    ATO-110WDM06010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 758.82 395.52 0.6
    48V: 505.88
    72/96V: 956.69
    ATO-110WDM06020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 819.59 653.05 1.3
    48V: 546.39
    72/96V: 1010.82
    ATO-110WDM06030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 995.94 653.05 1.9
    48V: 553.28
    72/96V: 1051.23
    130mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-130WDM04010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 876.95 395.52 0.4
    48V: 584.62
    72/96V: 1099.08
    ATO-130WDM04020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 910.67 395.52 0.8
    48V: 607.13
    72/96V: 1104.98
    ATO-130WDM04030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 959.18 653.05 1.3
    48V: 639.45
    72/96V: 1151.01
    ATO-130WDM06010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 987.65 395.52 0.6
    48V: 658.43
    72/96V: 1185.17
    ATO-130WDM06020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1012.23 653.05 1.3
    48V: 674.82
    72/96V: 1147.19
    ATO-130WDM06030 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1047.72 653.05 1.9
    48V: 698.48
    72/96V: 1208.34
    ATO-130WDM07710 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1060.07 395.52 0.8
    48V: 706.71
    72/96V: 1257.94
    ATO-130WDM07720 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1093.21 653.05 1.6
    48V: 738.65
    72/96V: 1292.64
    ATO-130WDM07730 48/72/96V 48V: 751.52 653.05 2.3
    72/96V: 1337.71
    ATO-130WDM10010 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1161.55 653.05 1
    48V: 784.83
    72/96V: 1396.89
    ATO-130WDM10020 24/48/72/96V 24V: 1224.36 653.05 2
    48V: 816.24
    72/96V: 1371.28
    ATO-130WDM10030 48/72/96V 48V: 879.12 898.21 3.1
    72/96V: 1450.55
    ATO-130WDM15010 24/48/72/96V 24V:1311.88 653.05 1.6
    48V: 936.47
    72/96V: 1498.35
    ATO-130WDM15020 48/72/96V 48V: 1086.36 898.21 3.1
    72/96V: 1738.17
    ATO-130WDM15030 48/72/96V 48V: 1127.54 1119.07 4.7
    72/96V: 1804.64
    180mm Series DC Brushless Motor
    ATO-180WDM12010 48/72/96V 48V: 1246.31 653.05 1.3
    72/96V: 1994.09
    ATO-180WDM12020 48/72/96V 48V: 1323.69 653.05 2.5
    72/96V: 2117.91
    ATO-180WDM12030 48/72/96V 48V: 1398.84 898.21 3.8
    72/96V: 2238.14
    ATO-180WDM16010 48/72/96V 48V: 1555.69 653.05 1.7
    72/96V: 2411.32
    ATO-180WDM16020 48/72/96V 48V: 1625.36 898.21 3.4
    72/96V: 2568.07
    ATO-180WDM16030 48/72/96V 48V: 1745.93 1119.07 5
    72/96V: 2618.89
    ATO-180WDM25010 48/72/96V 48V: 2012.54 653.05 2.6
    72/96V: 3179.81
    ATO-180WDM25020 48/72/96V 48V: 2274.19 1119.07 5.2
    72/96V: 3411.26
    ATO-180WDM25030 48/72/96V 48V: 2448.58 1531.99 7.9
    72/96V: 3672.87
    ATO-180WDM36010 48/72/96V 48V: 2644.28 898.21 3.8
    72/96V: 3966.42
    ATO-180WDM36020 48/72/96V 48V: 2832.56 1119.07 7.5
    72/96V: 4248.84
    ATO-180WDM36030 72/96V 72/96V: 4334.69 1885.15 11.3
    ATO-180WDM50010 48/72/96V 48V: 3284.58 1119.07 5.2
    72/96V: 4556.41
    ATO-180WDM50020 48/72/96V 48V: 4344.12 1531.99 10.8
    72/96V: 5994.72
    ATO-180WDM50030 96V 96V: 6204.65 2261.84 15.7

    ATO BLDC Motor Hall Sensor Controller Connection & Control

    In this video, ATO shows you the connection and control operation of 200W (ATO-BLDC-200R3), 300W (ATO-BLDC-300R3), 1000W (ATO-BLDC-1000R3), 1500W (ATO-BLDC-1500R3) BLDC motor with controller. After the wiring is completed, we can use the speed control knob of the controller to adjust the speed.

    How to Use Controller to Reverse and Stop the BLDC Motor

    This video mainly shows you how to use BLDC motor controller connecting with an external potentiometer to adjust the speed of the motor, to naturally/urgently stop the motor, and forward or reverse control of the motor. In many cases, we can't directly control the speed by controller, so connecting with an external potentiometer is a good choice. Similarly, we can stop the motor or rotate the motor in the opposite direction without approaching the controller.

    BLDC Motor Controller Control Speed with Analog Signal (5V)

    The video shows how to use voltage analog signal to control the speed of ATO BLDC motor. Therefore, we can control the speed of BLDC motor in the same way with the 0~5V signal sent by PLC or microcontroller.


    How to Control a BLDC motor using RS485
    In this video we will show you how to control a BLDC motor through an RS485 interface and dedicated test software on a PC. Watching this practical exercise, and you will find that it is not difficult to control a motor in this way.

    Using Potentiometer Control Circuit to Make BLDC Motor
    Potentiometer is an adjustable electronic component, mainly used to control the voltage, resistance, current and other parameters in the circuit to adapt to different circuit requirements. It acts as a speed controller for BLDC motor, which provides a simple solution for controlling BLDC motor.

    BLDC Motor Reverse Direction Experiment
    To understand the control principle of BLDC motor and learn how to change the rotation direction of the motor by changing the control signal. This is a simple test that is very helpful in understanding and operating BLDC motors in real-world applications.

    Existing reviews of 2 hp (1.5 kW) Brushless DC Motor, 36V/48V, 4.78 Nm
    Running at 60v
    Has this motor been tested running at 60V? Can this motor run at 60V?
    From: Noah | Date: 31/10/2023
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Sorry, none of the specifications on this page can be used in a 60V environment. 60V specification motors are customized specifications, please contact our sales for details.
    Does the DC motor controller have a built-in torque control mode?
    Thanks for the video, it helps a lot.
    Yes, I will control the motor through RS485.
    Does the controller have a built-in torque control mode?
    Or do I have to implement it on my computer and then control the motor with a speed or PWM command?
    From: khaled | Date: 29/08/2023
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Unfortunately, this brushless motor controller does not have a built-in torque control mode.
    The control mode you mentioned is only available in servo motors. But this controller BD100 supports PWM signal input.
    Is it possible to control DC motor with a torque command?
    I am currently working with a BD100 controller.
    Is it possible to control my motor with a torque command?
    I don't see enough information in the documentation, more details would be appreciated.
    From: norbert | Date: 29/08/2023
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    May I ask what signal you want to use to control the motor?
    If it is RS485, you can refer to this video:
    Some question of DC motor
    Thank you for getting back to us so promptly. I have attached a video of the error LED flashing and a picture of the wiring.
    Do note that for wiring I did not attach the green/yellow wires that you can see in the photo when powering up.
    One thing I did realize is that I have a 36V DC power supply but am not providing high current to the motor. Is there a specific power supply I should be using?
    Additionally there is a 3-wire cable coming from the base of the motor that seems to be undocumented in the motor manual. What is the purpose of this?
    From: trond | Date: 14/06/2023
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    1. The motor needs a 36V 80A power supply.
    2. Please refer to this video wiring:
    Buying ATO D110BLD 1500
    The ATO BD1500 can I stop
    From: Ronnie | Date: 13/02/2023
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    Looking for a electric motor
    I'm looking for a electric motor, 2hp-3hp 36-48vdc, 4000rpm. Can you please provide me with more information on price if you have?
    From: Isaiah | Date: 27/05/2022
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    We can customize a brushless motor with 2 hp 1.5 kW, 48vdc, 4000rpm. Prices are as shown on the website, free shipping, and the lead time will be approx 25 days.
    Questions about 2 hp BLDC
    What is the specs of potentiometer that can be used with our 2HP BLDC motor?
    From: Evotrix | Date: 28/12/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    When using the external potentiometer to adjust the speed, use the potentiometer with resistance value of 10KΩ.
    I am interested in your 2 hp brushless DC motor
    We are interested in your 2 hp (1.5 kW) 36V/48V 3000rpm brushless DC motor but with for an 18V DC voltage.
    From: Rsmith | Date: 26/12/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    No, 36VDC or 48VDC only. If the voltage is 18VDC, the current will be high and we do not recommend/supply it.
    2 hp brushless DC motor kit sold items
    I am interested in your 2 hp brushless DC motor. Do you sell speed controller and power supply for it?
    From: Gardy | Date: 15/06/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, we sell the controller but not the DC supply.
    2 hp brushless DC motor kit related information
    Do you have a rating for overhung load on the output shaft for the 40:1 and 50:1 planetary gear boxes for your 2hp BLDC motor?
    From: Karthik | Date: 31/05/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, maximum radial force: 2840N, and maximum axial force: 2100N.
    Related parameters of 2hp brushless DC motor kit
    Is it possible to close the 2 hp BLDC motor end where the shaft is visible and have the motor meet an IP rating? What is maximum temperature level on the case of the motor?
    From: Tamara | Date: 11/05/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    The maximum temperature of the motor casing is 85°C, and the end of the motor shaft will not affect IP protection level (IP54), so no need to close anything.
    Want to buy a BLDC motor kit
    I want to buy a BLDC motor kit, what will be the cost for sending a motor 2 hp (1.5 kW) 48V 3000rpm brushless DC motor and a controller ATOBLD-100 to an address in the Netherlands?
    From: Darcy | Date: 25/01/2021
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    It is free shipping to the Netherlands (by Air).
    Something need to confirm before buying
    For your 2hp, 48VDC BLDC motor, can we feed its matched controller "BLD-100A" with 52VDC supply only?
    From: Malik | Date: 16/08/2020
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, the voltage range of the BLD-100A controller is DC 24-72V, so you can use the power supply DC 52V, with no problem.
    My question is regarding the input power needs for a 1500W 48VDC motor.
    I am interested in the reference product for an industrial control application. My question is regarding the input power needs for a 1500W 48VDC motor. Can you suggest any sources for a power supply of that size? The end user has 240VAC and 480VAC 1/3 phase power available.
    From: Matias Moilanen | Date: 23/04/2020
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
    ATO Responded
    We can proivde customized transformer of 5kVA capacity with 1-phase, 240V AC and output will be DC 48V.
    Can you provide 1.5kW BLDC motor with 18V DC voltage?
    We are interested in your 2 hp (1.5 kW) 36V/48V 3000rpm brushless DC motor, can you provide the motor with 18V DC voltage?
    From: Julio Karwoski | Date: 09/04/2020
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
    ATO Responded
    No, we have the motor with 36V DC or 48V DC only. If the voltage is 18V DC, the current will be high and we do not recommend/supply it.
    Technical Specs
    Hello, I have two questions for this 2HP BLDC motor.

    1. What is the specs of potentiometer that can be used with your 2HP BLDC motor?
    2. Are your BLDC motor continuous duty? And what do they need for cooling anything?
    From: Ben | Date: 04/07/2019
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (0/0)
    ATO Responded
    For Q1: When using the external potentiometer to adjust the speed, use the potentiometer with resistance value of 10KΩ.
    For Q2: Yes, continuous duty (24/7). No external cooling is required (Environment Temperature should be: -20~55℃).
    A question for BLD-100A motor controller
    On your BLD-100A controller how do I turn off the internal potentiometer?
    From: Arunas | Date: 11/06/2019
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
    ATO Responded
    To turn off the internal potentiometer of the controller, please rotate end of the RV on the controller in counterclockwise direction.
    For this BLDC motor, can you provide electromagnetic brake on the shaft?
    For this BLDC motor: 2 hp (1.5 kW) power capacity, can you provide electromagnetic brake on the shaft?
    From: Colorado | Date: 13/01/2019
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can install electromagnetic brake on the shaft on the output side of all ATO BLDC motors. After the brake is installed, the size and parameters of the motor are unchanged, but the shaft length will change somewhat.
    Good and professional service
    I have already bought it from this website, but i don't know the controller for the ATO-M-BLDC-BLD1500-48A-30S how are 2 short green wires setup when a external potentiometer is used, i asking by email, the replying was quickly and solved my confusion directly. This is a very pleasant choice.
    From: Noble | Date: 04/01/2019
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (2/0)
    Excellent BLDC motors for my projects
    Excellent BLDC motors for my projects. I ordered four of these 2hp 48V motors and out of all four worked perfectly. Item is as described and arrived well before it was promised.
    From: Mike Hatten | Date: 31/10/2018
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
    Good price and good performance 2 hp brushless DC motor
    Good price and good performance, I am very satisfied with this 1.5 kW BLDC motor. It has enough power for what I'm using it for.
    From: Jonathan | Date: 06/07/2018
    Was this review helpful? Yes No (1/0)
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