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    Brushless DC Motor Controller, 12V ~ 60V

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    Low cost BLDC motor controller works at 12V to 60V power supply to control speed for 1500W 36V/ 48V 3 phase BLDC motor. Work current range from 6 ~ 75A, 50 rpm in hall sensor motor and 1 rpm in encoder sensor. This brushless electric motor driver should be installed in a well-ventilated environment.
    SKU: ATO-BLDC-C100
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    Brushless direct current motor controller with RS-485 communication design, low voltage and precise positioning control, adapts to BLDC motor control based on hall sensor, magnetic coding sensor and photoelectric coding sensor.


    Model ATO-BD100 (Click it to see more controller specs)
    Matching Electric Motor Model ATO-BLDC-1500R3 (1.5 kW 36V/48V BLDC Motor)
    ATO-GEAR-W1500 (1.5 kW 36V/48V DC Worm Gear Motor)
    ATO-GEAR-W2000 (2 kW 48V DC Worm Gear Motor)
    ATO-GEAR-P1500 (1.5 kW 36V/48V DC Planetary Gear Motor)
    ATO-GEAR-P2000 (2 kW 48V DC Planetary Gear Motor)
    Power Supply 12V ~ 60V DC
    Rated Current 65A
    Work Current Range 6 ~ 75A
    Minimum rpm 50 rpm (Hall Sensor Motor), 1 rpm (Encoder Sensor)
    Power Output 5V DC 20mA Ability
    VRM Input 0 ~ 5 V DC
    PWM Input 4Hz ~ 10KHz
    Work Temperature -20 ~ + 70℃
    Work Humidity ≤80 RH
    Weight 1050g

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Dimensions of Brushless DC Motor Driver 12V 60V


    • Please install, connect and debug the motor controller with industry technicians.
    • It is not allowed to install, remove or replace the circuit of the motor controller when it is live.
    • Be sure to install necessary protective devices between the power input and the power supply (battery) to avoid dangerous accidents or fatal injuries.
    • Need to install: overcurrent protector, insurance, emergency switch.
    • Please do the isolation and insulation protection between the motor controller and the ground and equipment.
    • If there is a real need for live debugging of this motor controller, please choose a non-metallic well insulated screwdriver or special debugging tool.
    • This motor controller shall be installed in a well-ventilated environment.
    • This motor controller cannot be directly used in high humidity, dust, corrosive gas, strong vibration of the abnormal environment.


    12V~60V BLDC Motor Controller Details

    Tips: Brushless DC motor controller troubleshooting

    The motor does not rotate.

    • Insufficient voltage. Test whether the voltage of the third pin of the MCU exceeds 3.2V.
    • Whether the brake level connection method is normal, check pin 7 of the MCU, the voltage of the high-level brake exceeds 2.5V, and the voltage of the low-level brake exceeds 2.0V.
    • Whether the speed regulating voltage is added to the 5th pin of the MCU.
    • The connector is improperly installed, and the output cannot be output due to lack of phase.
    • When the above conditions are met, the output and drive circuit malfunctions, the external force forces the motor to rotate, and there is obvious uneven resistance inside, the MOS power tube is damaged, but some of the front-end drive transistors are damaged..

    The motor rotates, but abnormal.

    • Check whether the controller's working mode of 60 degrees and 120 degrees corresponds to it.
    • The motor is the ability of external force, there is a loud operating sound when rotating, and the output is not stable. Check the condition of the connection line. The components of the circuit board have missing welding, virtual welding, short circuit, wrong welding, etc.
    • Hall signal error, some motors need to adjust the output line and Hall signal line of the controller
    • The motor is unstable when rotating at low speed, and the parameters of the drive circuit components are too different. Test whether the three-phase drive components are welded incorrectly, and the performance is different.

    The motor is easy to stop and the load capacity is poor.

    • Whether the controller short-circuit comparison resistance R9, R10 is 20K or 1.2K.
    • Capacitor C7 (1000Pf), dead zone adjustment capacitor C24 (100PF) capacity deviation is too large
    • Constantan wire is too long (When the capacity of the controller capacitor C7, C24 is wrong, the working current is abnormal, the general working current is large, and the constantan is too long)
    • Some parts of the drive circuit are leaking and have poor performance.

    The current-limiting resistor is heated, and the static current is too large.

    • There is a short circuit in the detection circuit.
    • Whether the driver output has a component welding error.
    • Whether the connection in the plug-in corresponds.

    Flammable MOS tube or motor runs normally at low speed, and when the handle rises quickly, the flammable MOS tube.

    • Check whether the HC27 circuit (U3) normal.
    • The voltage of pin 21 of the single-chip microcomputer is not the high level or low level of the logic check, and its pull-up resistance is open or soldered.
    • The MOS drive signal cannot normally follow the output signal of the single-chip microcomputer, showing a normal level, and it is most likely to damage the MOS.

    After adding the signal, the signal light goes out, but the motor does not rotate.

    • Whether the motor output is well connected.
    • The motor hall is not connected.
    • The drive circuit has equipment open circuit or false soldering, missing soldering, etc.
    Existing reviews of Brushless DC Motor Controller, 12V ~ 60V
    Some questions about ATO-BLDC-C100.
    I ordered ato-bldc-c100 last month. I have two questions about ATO-BLDC-C100.
    1. The delivered controller has only 2 dip switches. It seems different from this page.
    Brushless DC Motor Controller, 12V ~ 60V |
    Did the controller version change?

    2. Motor speed does not increase above 7500 rpm. What could be the reason?
    Below is the test condition.
    $(D),  DC :48VDC
    $(D),  OPEN LOOP (SW2:OFF)
    $(D),  Knob is turned fully clockwise
    $(D),  At 7500rpm, U phase Voltage is 36 [V], U phase Ampere is 18 [Arms], Out put power is 920 [W]
    From: Liam | Date: 06/09/2023
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    ATO Responded
    1. Yes, our controller has been upgraded, and the upgraded version only has 2 dip switches.

    2. Please provide us your motor parameter table and manual for further confirmation.
    Ask about speed adjustment function
    I want to ask about speed adjustment function.
    According to vi of this document, the rpm cannot exceed 4000 rpm. I want to accelerate speed to over 4000 rpm by using external analog speed signal. Is it possible? If it can, please tell me how to do.
    From: Jakko | Date: 09/08/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Unfortunately, the external analog signal can Not increase the rpm of the motor exceed 4000 rpm. The maximum rpm is related to the motor itself, because the rated speed of the motor is 3000 rpm, the controller can not increase the rpm of the motor exceed 4000 rpm.
    Is this a documentation error?
    All documentation says the Vcc going to the motor from pin 6 on the ATO-BLD-100A is either 5 V or 6.25 V. when measured, it is running at a nominal 12V, is this a documentation error?
    From: Duncan | Date: 26/05/2022
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    ATO Responded
    This is normal, the Hall voltage will actually be higher, which can better anti-interference.
    Great brushless DC motor controller.
    I used this BLDC motor controller to run a 1.5 kW brushless motor to work with feedback. I’ve gone through several other BLDC controllers and this one is the best at its price point. Great product and I will recommend this controller to others.
    From: Brandon | Date: 16/05/2022
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    Wonderful brushless dc motor controller
    This brushless dc motor controller works great. Did exactly what I wanted it to do. Works as described. Easy to wire up. I think everything is perfect. I highly recommend this motor controller if you need one.
    From: Pat | Date: 22/03/2022
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