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    Digital Protractor with Backlight, Single Axis

    Single axis digital protractor measuring range 4x90°, accuracy ±0.2°, magnetic digital angle finder with magnetic adsorption measuring surface, can be adsorbed on the measured workpiece for measurement. The digital angle finder is suitable for measuring interior decoration, building areas, pipes, floors and stairs.
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    Digital protractor with magnetism on three sides, measuring range 4x90°, single axis digital angle meter with two 7 batteries, convenient and durable, use the distributed screwdriver to unscrew the battery compartment on the back to replace the battery. The digital angle finder is widely used in wood processing, auto repair, machining, precise positioning of the working angle of machine tools and the rotation angle of the arm of large vehicles, etc.


    Model ATO-DP-1603
    Material Aluminum alloy shell
    Measuring Range Single-axis 4x90°
    Display Resolution 0.05°
    Accuracy ±0.2°
    Repeatability ±0.1°
    Measurement Absolute zero measurement with horizontal plane as reference
    Magnetic Adsorption Measurement Surface The bottom with 3 pieces of strong magnetic diameter of 10mm, can be adsorbed on the measured workpiece for measurement
    Reference Point Horizontal surface
    Dimension 57x57x30.5mm
    Net Weight 200g
    Power Supply 2 X No. 7 batteries
    Working Temperature 0°C~40°C, humidity<80%
    Product Packaging Color box packaging



    • The single-axis digital protractor allows 4x90° single axis measurement in a vertical position
    • When the tilt box is inverted, the angle readings on the LCD will automatically flip upwards for easy reading.
    • Portable size, easy to use with other measuring tools to expand the measurement range.
    • Mini digital protractors can be used for absolute measurement or relative measurement.
    • Single axis digital protractor with three powerful magnets on the bottom for easy attachment to ferrous measuring objects.


    Dimension Unit (mm)

    Single axis digital protractor dimension


    Digital protractor applications

    Tips: What is the repeatability of a digital protractor angle finder?

    Under the same measurement conditions for the four positions of the inclinometer 0 °, 90 °, 180 °, and 360 °, respectively, five readings, the difference between the maximum and minimum reading of each position for the position of the indicated value repeatability. The repeatability of the digital protractor is determined by the maximum value of the repeatability of the scale in the four positions.

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