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    Pluggable Screw Terminal Block, 10P/ 20P, 300V, 8A

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    Economical price screw terminal block for sale online, with 300V voltage, –40℃~105℃ temperature range. Pluggable screw terminal block is used in household appliance, industrial control, communication field.
    SKU: ATO-MSTB-2.5
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    Standard plug in type screw terminal block, 300V rated voltage, 8Amp. Pin spacing is 5.08mm. It widly used in household appliance, industrial control, communication field, automotive and motorcycle wiring.


    Model ATO-MSTB-2.5-10 ATO-MSTB-2.5-20
    Number of Position 10P 20P
    Rated Voltage 300V
    Rated Current 8A
    Contact Resistance 20MΩ
    Insulatin Resistance 5000MΩ/1000V
    Withstanding Voltage AC 1500V/1Min
    Wiring method Track type wiring
    Weight  100 Pcs/1kg
    Pin Spring Leaf Brass,nickel-plated phosphorus copper
    Crimping Frame Nickel-plated brass
    Screws Nickel-Plated brass
    Plastic Part PA66 UL94V-0
    Temp Range -40℃~+105℃
    Transient Temperature +250℃ for 5 Sec
    Color Green

    Pluggable Screw Terminal Block Dimensions Drawing (Unit: mm)

         Pluggable screw terminal block demensions       Pluggable screw terminal block demensions

    Tips:How to Solve the Problem of Pluggable Screw Terminal Block Overheating?

    When we are using terminal blocks, we often faced some problems, such as overheating. ATO will give you some solutions to solve this problem.
    There are two possibilities: the terminal is loose and the contact resistance is too large, resulting in overheating; the terminal is not loose, but the circuit has overcurrent heating due to some unknown reason, such as the power supply voltage is too high, or the load is short-circuited.
    1. The voltage is too high. You can check from the source, the secondary voltage of the transformer-the voltage in the distribution box-the voltage of the electrical equipment.
    2. Ground fault. You can also find it from the transformer, and then go to the distribution box for grounding. The grounding should be grounded, and the normal phase line should eliminate the grounding fault. You can use an insulation meter or a shaking meter to measure when the power is cut off, and measure in sections. Try to measure only the power supply and distribution lines such as cables, wires, circuit breakers, switches, etc., if it is really difficult to section, unplug the weak current equipment, The fuse of the sensing device.
    The key to grounding is that the grounding resistance should be low and the contact area should be large. The former can ensure that the grounding point has a "zero potential" as low as possible close to the ground potential, which can avoid the possibility that the lightning will return from the grounding line and enter the power supply circuit after lightning strikes. The latter can ensure that there is enough capacity to provide a fault current channel, including lightning or short-circuit faults and so on.

    Existing reviews of Pluggable Screw Terminal Block, 10P/ 20P, 300V, 8A
    The terminal block match my application!
    This pluggable screw terminal block with excellent construction, terminals marked. fits on a din rail. This terminal block makes wiring toy train layouts much easier and helps to keep everything organized and neat.
    From: Nguyen | Date: 25/05/2022
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