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    41A DIN Rail Terminal Block , 800V, 8 mm length

    DIN rail terminal block with low price, it features 41 Amp, rated voltage 800V, rigid conductor is 1.0-4 mm2, which has small size, light weight and universal mounting foot to easily mount onto din rail.
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    DIN rail terminal block at affordable price, conductor cross-sectional area 2.5 mm2, rated voltage 800V, current 41 Amp, it is used for electric power industry.  


    Model ATO-TB-UK-5N
    Dimension 42.5mm*6.2mm*46mm (W*T*H)
    Screw Nominal Diameter M3 mm
    Torsion Torque 0.5~0.7 Nm
    Stripping Length 8 mm
    Rated Voltage 800V
    Rated Current 41A
    Section Area of Conductor 4 mm2
    Rigid Conductor 0.2-6 mm2
    Flxible Conductor 0.2-4 mm2
    Applicable Rail Mounting Feet G32-15L18/15, TH35-7.5
    Certificate CE, UL, Rohs
    Weight 100 Pcs/1kg
    Color Grey
    Wiring method Track type wiring

    Dimension (Unit=mm) 

             Dimension of UK 5N


    Tips: Three Common Fatal Failure Forms of Terminal Block.
    1. Poor contact
    The metal conductor inside the terminal is the core part of the terminal. It transmits the voltage, current or signal from the external wire or cable to the corresponding contact of the connector that matches it. Therefore, the contact must have an excellent structure, stable and reliable contact retention and good electrical conductivity. 
    2. Poor insulation
    The function of the insulator is to keep the contacts in the correct position and to insulate the contacts and the contacts, and between the contacts and the housing. Therefore, the insulating parts must have excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and process molding properties. Especially with the widespread use of high-density and miniaturized terminals, the effective wall thickness of the insulator becomes thinner and thinner. This puts more stringent requirements on insulating materials, injection mold accuracy and molding technology.
    3. Poor fixation
    The insulator not only provides insulation, but also provides accurate centering and protection for the protruding contacts. It also has the functions of installation and positioning, and locking and fixing on the equipment.

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