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    76A DIN Rail Universal Terminal Block, 800V

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    Low price din universal terminal block online for sale, rated 800V voltage, current 76 Amp, 1.5-1.8 Nm torsion torque. Din universal terminal block is used for wires connecting of home appliances, electronic circuits, machines, etc.
    SKU: ATO-TB-UK-10N
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    76 Amp din universal terminal block with stripping length 10mm, 1.5-1.8 torsion torque, gray color and high reliability and robust design adapts vibration and harsh thermal variation to prevent terminal connection fault. The terminal block is widely used for electronic circuits, machines.


    Model ATO-TB-UK-10N
    Dimension 42.5mm*10.2mm*41mm (W*T*H)
    Screw Nominal Diameter M4 mm
    Torsion Torque 1.5~1.8 Nm
    Stripping Length 10 mm
    Rated Voltage 800V
    Rated Current 76A
    Section Area of Conductor 10 mm2
    Rigid Conductor 0.5-16 mm2
    Flxible Conductor 0.5-10 mm2
    Applicable Rail Mounting Feet G32-15L18/15, TH35-7.5
    Certificate CE, UL, Rohs
    Weight 100 Pcs/1kg

    Dimension (Unit=mm) 

    DImension of UK 10N

    Tips: Wiring Steps and Precautions for UK Terminal Blocks.

    The terminal is used as an important component of the secondary wire connection, and it is very necessary to connect the wire correctly. The tools needed to connect the wires include screwdrivers, wire strippers, and cold press pliers. If necessary, the tools that need to be used include utility knives, markers, etc.

    The first is the production of thread ends. For hard wire and flexible wire installation, the hard wire can be stripped. Use a utility knife or wire stripper to strip the wire. The cold-pressed end can be used or not, depending on the situation. But the connection of the flexible cord must use a cold-pressed end. Since the flexible wire is composed of multiple strands of small copper wires, the pressure cannot be applied evenly to the copper wires when the terminals are connected, which will cause uneven force on the wires after crimping, which will easily loosen and fall off. Another situation is that the wire is not used after the wire is inserted into the mounting hole, and the gap between the wire and the crimping frame is too large, and the insufficient pressure will cause the wire to fall off. Therefore, the wire end of the flexible wire needs to be stripped with wire strippers, and the wires and ends are compacted with cold-pressed terminal pliers before wiring.

    Then is the labeling of wires and terminals. Different wires have different functions, and the corresponding terminal positions are also different. Therefore, marking the terminals and wires-fast and correct wiring is very important. The indication of the terminal uses a marker strip, and the wire can be marked with a marker, or use a number tube, a plum blossom tube, and so on.

    Finally is the connection of the wires. Use a screwdriver to connect the wires. Insert the finished wire into the crimping frame of the terminal, and use the screwdriver to tighten the screws until the tightened position. After completing the installation, compare the wires and positions to ensure that the wiring is correct. At last, you can gently pull the wires to check whether the wiring is firm.

    Existing reviews of 76A DIN Rail Universal Terminal Block, 800V
    For connecting electrical cabinets
    Exactly what is needed when wiring industrial/commercial electrical cabinets. Good quality and works for my project.
    From: Ferdinando | Date: 13/05/2022
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    Questions about 76ADIN rail universal terminal block
    Please confirm me if your policy company can to ship overseas (Singapore).
    From: Fenley | Date: 07/02/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we ship overseas and to Singapore (by Air).
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