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    Safety Light Curtain

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    Safety light curtain with short response time, anti-interference ability, superior shockproof performance, long protection length, strong universality, easy to install and debug, certificates of TUV/ CE/ RoHs.
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    Safety light curtain consists of a light emitter and a light receiver, can effectively detect any opaque objects exceeding the detection accuracy when entering the light curtain area. Safety light curtain adopts light curtain and controller separate design. It can be used with the controller, also can be directly connected to the PLC and safety relays, and cooperates with the machine tool control system to achieve automatic stop function in dangerous situation. ATO can offer AC 110-220V controllers according to customer needs. When the safety protection device fails, make sure that safety light curtain don't send the wrong signals to the controlled equipments.

    Applications: Safety light curtain is an advanced laser sensor that protects the staffs around dangerous machinery and equipment. It can be apply to paper cutting machine, conveyors, assembly line, woodworking machinery, leather machinery, forging machine, punching and shearing machine, press machine, milling machine, drilling machine, welding machine, CNC, elevator, automation equipment, handling equipment and so on.

    Model ATO-SLCQC
    Light curtain mode Through-beam
    Distance of optical axis (K) * 10mm 14mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 40mm
    Detection accuracy 18mm 22mm 28mm 33mm 38mm 48mm
    Number of beams * 6, 8, 10~72 6, 8, 10~32 4, 6, 8~72 6, 8, 10~32 4, 6, 8~32 4, 6, 8~72
    Protection height (H) K*(Number of beams-1)
    Detection length 30~3000mm or 30~6000mm
    Size 30*30*J mm (J is the length of light emitter/light receiver.)
    Response time ≤15ms
    Anti-light interference 10000Lux (angle of incidence≥5°)
    Protection class IP65
    Power supply DC 12/24V (default), AC 110-220V (please contact us)
    Consumption current ≤200mA
    Output NPN/PNP, input current 500mA, voltage drop≤1.5V, reverse polarity, short-circuit, overload protection.
    Output status All the optical axis are receiving (show green).
    Indicator light Light emitter: Power supply indicator is red. Light receiver: Output indicator is green (through), output indicator is red (block).
    Light source Special infrared LED
    Connection mode Circular air outlet with a special connection cable, 4 core wire for light emitter, 5 core wire for light receiver.
    Housing material Shell: Aluminum alloy, end cover: ABS.
    Resistant to ambient light Natural light: receiving surface 3000Lx. Sunlight: receiving surface 10000Lx.
    Ambient temperature Operating: -10℃~40℃ (do not freeze). Storage: -25℃~55℃.
    environment humidity Operating: 35-85%RH, storage: 35~95%RH.
    Certificate TUV, CE, RoHs, ISO9001:2015

    Dimensional drawing (unit: mm):
    Safety light curtain dimensional drawing

    Wiring diagram:
    Safety light curtain wiring diagram
    Safety light curtain output signal selection:
    Safety light curtain output signal selection
    Tips: How to select safety light curtains?

    1. Protection height: It is the protection height of the dangerous area. It is based on what kind of mechanical equipment the customer will use. For example, the punching machine has a large tonnage and the protection height needs to be larger.
    2. Distance of optical axis: Refers to the distance between the transmitting tubes of safety light curtain, the shorter the distance, the smaller the test object, the higher the safety factor. Generally 10mm distance is enough to protect fingers, 20mm distance is enough to protect palm, 40mm distance is enough to protect arm.
    3. The number of beams: Safety light curtain beam has the same protection height. When in same protection height, the greater the number, the smaller distance of optical axis, the smaller objects, the higher security. In general, the number of beams is a decisive factor for pricing the safety light curtain.
    4. Dimensions: The commonly dimension is 30*30mm, using for punching machine and other equipments.
    5. Output mode: There are five general output modes, such as NPN output, PNP output, relay output, digital output and analog output. It is to be set based on customer requirements.
    6. Installation: Steel pipe support installation and side-mounted mode.

    In this video, ATO will show you how to connect type 4 safety light curtain with relay/PLC.

    Existing reviews of Safety Light Curtain
    Good safety light curtain manufacture
    After receiving, I can feel the safety light curtain has good quality just from its elegant color shell. The safety light curtain installation is simple. The setting is fast. It has passed all the safety testing already. I think it is right to choose ATO as our safety light curtain manufacture.
    From: Engel | Date: 12/10/2018
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