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    Infrared Light Curtain Sensor

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    Light Curtain Sensor with detection precision 20mm, 30mm for sale. Slim type, light on the front, power supply DC 12V-24V. Light axis pitch 10mm, 20mm, and protective range 0.1-2m /0.2-5m. With IP55 sealing level protection, the safety light curtain works at -10℃~55℃. Easy to install and use. Widely used in robots, automated production lines, elevators, and other fields.
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    Safety light curtains slim type can work at -10℃~55℃, with high detection capability of 20mm, and 30mm. Usually apply in conveyor belts, metallurgy, and food processing.


    Model ATO-AY20A
    Working Power DC 12-24V
    Output Type Transistor output (NPN/PNP)
    Maximum Output Current 100mA
    Power Consumption <3W
    Operating Temperature -10°C~55°C
    Environment Humidity 20°C, RH<95% (no condensation)
    Response Time 3ms-18ms
    Insulation Resistance >100MQ
    Dielectric Strength AC 1500V,60s
    Anti-light Interference 10000Lux incident angle >5°
    Emitting Light Source Infrared 940nm
    Shell Material Aluminum alloy
    Protection Level IP55
    Optical Axis Distance 10mm, 20mm
    Detect Precision 20mm, 30mm
    Diagnostic Coverage/DC >99%
    Mean Time Between Dangerous Failures 120a
    Anti-vibration Frequency: 10~55Hz, Amplitude: 0.35mm
    Impact Resistance 15g, 16ms, X, Y, Z axis, 1000 times/1000times at X, Y, Z axis
    Protection Length 0.2 - 2m (regular shooting distance, others can be customized)
    Protected Altitude Protected height H= (xx-1) X optical axis distance, xx is the number of beams


     Light curtain size

    Wiring diagram

    Slim type light curtain wiring diagram

     Difference between pitch 10mm and 20mm

    Difference of light curtain spacing

    Tips: What does a safety light curtain do?

    1. The safety grating is also a photoelectric safety protection device. The photoelectric safety device generates a protective light curtain by emitting infrared rays. When the light curtain is blocked, the device sends out a light-shielding signal to control the potentially dangerous mechanical equipment to stop working and avoid safety accidents.
    2. The installation of photoelectric safety protection devices can effectively avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, avoid the danger of operators and third parties, reduce the comprehensive cost of accidents, and benefit the company itself, operators, and society.
    3. Generally, the safety light grid is connected to the safety relay, and if an object is detected, it will automatically remove the power source that will cause harm. Cooperating with the safety relay can also temporarily suspend the function of the safety light barrier, allowing objects to pass through the safety light barrier without generating a protection signal, which is suitable for some semi-automatic procedures.
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    Non-Contact Detection Advantage
    Infrared light curtain sensors operate without physical contact, which means they can detect objects or obstructions without any wear and tear. This non-contact detection is ideal for applications where maintaining the integrity of the object being sensed is critical.
    From: Malissa | Date: 13/09/2023
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