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    Safety Light Curtain for Industry

    Safety light curtain for the industry with affordable price, optional light axis pitch 10mm, 20mm, 40mm. Come with an aluminum shell, the safety light curtain can reduce vibration effectively. Power supply DC24V and protection level IP65 and work temperature range (-10°C, 55°C). The default shooting distance is 3m and the working current is < 200 mA. Light curtain sensors can be used for area protection of the size of the working area of the robot arm.
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    Safety light curtain sensor with IP65 protection, humidity 20℃, RH≤85%. Equipped with an aluminum shell, and transistor output, and is rugged and shock-resistant.


    Model ATO-AY50NC
    Working Power DC 24V
    Output Type Transistor output
    Maximum Output Current 100mA
    Power Consumption <3W
    Operating Temperature -10°C~55°C
    Environment Humidity 20°C, RH<95% (no condensation)
    Response Time 3ms-18ms
    Insulation Resistance >100Mn
    Dielectric Strength AC1500V, 60s
    Anti-light Interference 10000Lux incident angle>5°
    Emitting Light Source Infrared 940nm
    Shell Material Aluminum alloy
    Protection Level IP65
    Optical Axis Distance 20mm
    Protection Length 0.2 - 20m (conventional shooting distance, others can be customized)
    Protected Altitude H= ( XX -1) x distance between optical axes, xx is the number of beams
    Shooting distance 3m (default)~20m, can be customized


    1. The safety curtain sensor chip is responsive and has a long service life, and the transmitter and receiver use dual CPUs to work with reinforced aluminum.
    2. Equipped with an alloy shell, the light curtain sensor structure is firm, impact-resistant, shock-proof, and stable in performance.
    3. Safety light curtains have complete specifications and models, easy installation, and simple wiring.
    4. Perfect self-inspection function, strong anti-electromagnetic and optical interference ability.
    5. Light curtain sensors have strong vibration resistance and excellent waterproof and dustproof performance.
    6. NC series output NPN/PNP signal, RC series is equipped with plug-in controller adopts double relay output LED indicates working and fault status.
    7. Configurable S-shaped external controller provides double-sided protection.


    Light curtain size

    Wiring diagram

    Light curtain wiring diagram NC series

    Tips: What are the light curtain sensors advantages?

    1. Non-contact detection will not cause damage or pollution to the material.
    2. The detection range is wide and can cover a large area.
    3. The response speed is fast, and it can detect objects entering the forbidden area within milliseconds.
    4. The protective effect is good, which can effectively protect the safety of personnel and equipment.



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