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    Handheld Pen Vibration Meter, Motor Vibration Tester

    Pen vibration meter is a good tool for measuring vibration. Handheld vibration meters can quickly detect defects in motors, fans, pumps, compressors and machine tools. Low cost motor vibration tester supports different vibration frequency options, widely used in electric power, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, automotive, etc.
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    The portable vibration meter is easy to hold and use. The pen vibration meter is equipped with an LCD backlight, which can display the measurement value intuitively and clearly. Digital vibration meter is widely used in electric power, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, vehicles, etc.


    • The pen vibration meter visually displays measurement value and state.
    • It is available with acceleration, velocity and displacement measurements.
    • The motor vibration tester has different vibration frequencies for selection.
    • Long and short probe heads are provided, each one is suitable for different situation measurements.
    • Equipped with ac signal output interface.
    • Vibration tester with low power indication function, auto power-off function and LCD backlight.
    • The structure of the handheld vibration meter is compact, and easy for carrying along with the measurement.


    • Model: ATO-AR63C
    • Vibration pickup: Piezoelectric ceramic accelerometer (shear-type)
    • Measurement range of acceleration: 0.1~199.9m/s2 peak
    • Measurement range of velocity: 0.1~199.9mm/s rms
    • Measurement range of displacement: 0.001~1.999mm p-p Velocity and displacement range is limited by the acceleration of 199.9m/s2
    • Measurement accuracy: ±5%+2digits
    • Measurement frequency range of acceleration: 10Hz~1KHz (LO) 1KHz~15KHz (HI)
    • Measurement frequency range of velocity: 10Hz~1KHz (LO)
    • Measurement frequency range of displacement: 10Hz~1KHz (LO)
    • Displays update cycle: 1 second
    • LCD display: 3 1/2 digits display
    • Single output: AC output 2 V peak (display full scale) Load impedance 10KΩor more earphones can be connected
    • Power supply: AAA 2*1.5V battery
    • Static current: ≤20μA
    • Operating current: ≤39mA
    • Battery life: 20 H continuous use
    • Auto power-off function: Turns off automatically after 60 seconds
    • LCD backlight function: 7 seconds
    • Operating temperature range: 0~40℃
    • Operating humidity range: 30~90%RH
    • Low battery indication: 2.2V±0.2V
    • Dimensions: 150x35x25mm

    Pen Vibration Meter Details

    Diagram of pen vibration meter

    ① LCD screen ② Probe ③ Frequency feature selection key (only in acceleration measurement) ④ Measurement mode (acceleration/velocity 1 displacement) selection key. ⑤ Power on and measurement key, press once to start the unit, you should keep pressing during the measuring process, release to hold the data. ⑥ Quick instruction label ⑦ Battery door ⑧ AC signal output jack

    Tips: Notes for pen vibration meter

    • Using a short probe (S) can take measurement of vibration both in high (HI) and low (LO) frequency.
    • A long probe (L) is only suitable for low-frequency measurement. When taking velocity measurement, also the frequency is over 1KHZ, please replace with the short probe.
    • When switching acceleration (HI high frequency) measurement mode to velocity or displacement mode, the high frequency (HI) will be changed to low frequency (LO) automatically.
    • The power turns off automatically after 60 seconds without any operation.
    • The backlight closes down after 7 seconds without any operation.
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