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    1 hp (750W) Oil Mist Eliminator, 1200Pa, 800 m³/h

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    380V three phase mechanical oil mist eliminators, also known as centrifugal oil mist filters, are for sale. Driven by a 750 W brushless motor, this long-life purifier offers air volume of 800 m³/h, blast pressure of 1200Pa and suction inlet diameter of 148mm with purification rate up to 99%. It is characterized with simple structure, high rotation speed, stable running and low noise (60dB).
    SKU: ATO-OME-YQ750
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    Eliminators of this type consists of oil mist inlet and outlet, three types of filters including primary, secondary and HEPA filters, a centrifugal impeller, a brushless motor and an oil collecting tank. This model belongs to centrifugal category in terms of its working principle. With the rated power of 750W (1hp), it is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


    1. This series of oil mist eliminators adopt a full-metal framework which will protect the main body from strong impact.
    2. Powered by brushless motor with advantages of quiet operation, high rotary speed, accredited stability, long life cycle, high efficiency and low energy consumption.
    3. Equipped with a vortex alloy wind turbine and designed for continuous use with large air volume and a powerful suction.


    Model ATO-OME-DER-YQ750
    Voltage 380V (three-phase)
    Power 750W
    Wind Pressure 1200Pa
    Air Volume 800 m³/h
    Noise 60dB
    Efficiency 99%
    Diameter of inlet 148mm
    Diameter of outlet 14mm
    External dimension 650*370*470mm
    Installation dimensions 290*320mm
    Weight 45Kg


    Product structure diagram


    Tips: Advantages of oil mist eliminators

    1. High efficiency and energy-saving with purification rate over 99%.
    2. Endurable for heavy use with no consumables. Helpful for the improvement of workplace and realizing clean production.
    3. Useful for the protection of workers’ physical and mental health by reducing the risk of developing occupational diseases.
    4. Minimizing the influence of fume or oil mist on the circuit and control systems which subsequently brings down the maintenance cost of machine tools.
    5. The oil mist cleaner can recycle the cooling oil condensed from the oil mist emitted from the cold heading machine, thus reducing production costs.
    Existing reviews of 1 hp (750W) Oil Mist Eliminator, 1200Pa, 800 m³/h
    Best oil mist eliminator!
    I have to say that this oil mist eliminator is the best one that I have used. It is easy to install and the quality is great. No issue so far and there is flawless. I will update my rating if there is any problem.
    From: Woody | Date: 13/04/2022
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