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    Home Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm

    Home smoke detector with CO alarm comes with dual sensor, can detecting carbon monoxide and smoke accurately. Wireless smoke detectors with detection angle 360°, working voltage 4.5V and work at -10°C~55°C. Equipped with 24 hours real-time monitoring LED display accurate concentration, voice sound and light alarm. Detection distance reach to 10m, high stability and low power consumption. Widely apply in city security, community, factory, home and company and so on.
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    Home smoke detector with CO alarm 360° detection angle, work at -10°C-55°C, operating voltage 4.5V. Come with 24 hours real-time monitoring LED to show accuracy value.


    Product size 33*104mm
    Model ATO-JY909COM
    Working power DC 4.5V 3 AA batteries
    Sampling method Natural diffusion
    Environmental conditions Indoor temperature -10°C~55°C
    Alarm method Audible alarm
    Alarm volume ≥70dB (at 1 meter in front)
    Service life 3 years
    Stand-by current <105 (uA)
    Work fine The green light flashes once every 15 seconds
    Detection Carbon monoxide
    Quiescent Current 105 (uA)
    Operating temperature -10℃-55℃
    Operating Voltage 4.5 (V)
    Detection angle 360°
    Detection distance 10 (m)
    Launch distance 10 (m)
    Action distance 100 (mm)
    Communication method Wireless
    Alarm method Voice sound light
    Relative humidity ≤95% RH
    Response time < 30 seconds
    Concentration <50 PPM no alarm
    Installation method Celling type


    1. Carbon monoxide detector with intelligent detection of multiple gases and accurate detection and responsive internal dual sensor, can detect carbon monoxide, smoke and other gases.
    2. Sound and light treble alarm loud sound and long service life.
    3. When smoke and co detector detects that the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air reaches the alarm setting value, the detector sends out.
    4. Smart smoke detector with sound and light alarm signal, LCD display concentration value, red light flashes quickly dual performance sensor.
    5. Effective detection of carbon monoxide smoke with high-performance sensors can quickly detect and alarm, intelligently create digital processing technology.
    6. Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors have high stability, low power consumption, and reject false alarms. The buttons have self-test functions, which can self-check faults and prompt alarms.
    7. Combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector has short press the test/self-test button of the detector, when the red light flashes, the detector beeps, LCD displays the current gas concentration value, and the detector function is normal.


    Home co detector size

    Tips: What is carbon monoxide smoke detector?

    1. Carbon monoxide detector is an electronic device used to detect carbon monoxide. It can send out sound or light alarm when the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air exceeds the standard.
    2. The carbon monoxide alarm uses a carbon monoxide sensor to convert the concentration signal of carbon monoxide gas in the air into a weak current or voltage signal, and then amplifies the signal through one or two stages, and then sends it to the single-chip microcomputer for signal comparison and processing. Sound and light alarm signal, drive LED light, horn or buzzer.
    3. Carbon monoxide alarm can be divided into two types: industrial and household carbon monoxide alarms. Industrial carbon monoxide alarms are expensive, requiring very high precision, and small temperature and zero drift. In some special occasions, explosion-proof enclosures are often required. Industrial carbon monoxide alarms must use electrochemical sensors.
    4. Home co smoke detectors are mainly used in ordinary households, small entertainment venues, small factories and small chemical laboratories, etc. With a relatively small appearance and relatively low price.
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