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    Wireless Smoke Detector, Photoelectric, Smoke Alarm

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    Wireless smoke detector, photoelectric type with 360° all-round detection and remote control alarm function, detection distance reach to 20m and transmission frequency 433MHZ. Work at temperature -10℃~50℃, quiescent current 45uA. Audible alarm by phone, text message, on-site APP and quick alarm within 3 seconds. Wireless interlinked smoke alarms voltage 3.6V, widely applicable to home, warehouse, company and so on.
    SKU: ATO-SMOKE-BL-816001
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    Photoelectric smoke detector with wifi smoke alarm works at -10℃~50℃, working voltage 3.6V, detection distance reach to 20m and transmission frequency 433MHz. With Audible alarm by phone, text message, on-site APP and quick alarm within 3 seconds.


    Model ATO-BL-816001
    Battery life 5 years
    Rated voltage DC 3.6V       
    Alarm method On-site alarm, telephone alarm
    Cannot be used alone, need to be connected
    SMS alarm, APP alarm
    Alarm panel
    Siren sound level ≥85dB
    Operating temperature -10°C~50°C
    Quiescent current W 30uA
    Operating Voltage 3.6V
    Alarm current 2mA
    Operating temperature -10°C~50°C
    Pressure level > 80dB (A) (3 meters in front)
    Power supply DC 3.6V
    Quiescent current ≤30uA
    Alarm current ≤45mA
    Frequency 433MHz
    Relative humidity ≤95% RH (38°C~42°C)
    Output form Audible alarm
    Package dimensions 95*95*40mm
    Launch distance 30m
    Installation method Ceiling type



     Wireless smoke detector size



    1. The accuracy of the best wifi smoke detector is increased by 2 times, and the response is fast. Quickly alarm within 3 seconds to ensure the safety of family property 85 decibel treble so that it can be heard throughout the house and the built-in buzzer makes a strong sound after the alarm timely. Wireless smoke alarm comes with an alarm bidirectional sensor that high sensitivity, fast and precise.
    2. The main unit is equipped with an upgraded two-way sensor, which is more sensitive to the gas and does not miss the report. No false alarm, accurate alarm. Low power consumption can last for a long time. Built-in low energy consumption battery standby for 3 years low battery reminder
    3. Interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms with mobile phone alarm, built-in tweeter of 85 decibel treble alarm and on-site high-pitched alarm. SMS alarm, when smoke is detected, immediately send a text message to notify the owner. APP remote alarm, when smoke is detected, , APP alarm notification, vibration and alarm sound immediately.
    4. Normal state: The indicator light of the alarm lights up once every 30 seconds.
    5. Fault state: When the battery of the alarm is at 2.5V-3V, the alarm lights up once in about 60 seconds, accompanied by a "beep" sound, indicating that the battery is under voltage. When the alarm warns of under voltage, the battery should be replaced in time, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the alarm. When the battery voltage is lower than 2.4V the detector stops working.
    6. Alarm status: When the smoke concentration reaches the alarm value, the indicator light of the alarm starts to light up and an alarm sound is issued.
    7. Self-inspection status: The wireless interlinked smoke alarms should be self-inspected regularly. When the button is pressed for about 2 seconds, the red indicator light will light up and the alarm will sound; press the button again or wait for about 20 seconds, and the alarm will automatically return to normal working status.
    8. Silence state: In the best wireless interconnected smoke detectors state, press the button, the alarm will enter the silence state. In the silence state, the alarm sound stops, and the red indicator light flashes quickly. After the silence state is maintained for about 85 seconds, the alarm will automatically exit the silence state. If there is still smoke at this time, the alarm will start to alarm again.
    9. When exiting the muting state, if the smoke has disappeared, the alarm will automatically enter the normal monitoring working state.
    10. Reminder: The noise reduction function is a temporary measure taken when a guest needs to smoke or perform other operations that may trigger the alarm.

    Tips: How to operate wireless smoke detectors?

    1. Wireless smoke detectors cannot be installed in places with high temperature and high wind speed, otherwise the sensitivity will be affected. In order to keep the sensor working efficiently, the sensor needs to be cleaned every 6 months. First turn off the power, then use a soft brush to sweep the dust, and then turn on the power.
    2. The wireless smoke detector is working and the test program is in the working state after the alarm is powered on. In the working state, the light-emitting diode flashes once per minute. When smoke is detected, the detector sends out a clear pulsating sound and light alarm, and at the same time outputs a signal for the collector to identify until the smoke clears.
    3. Press the tester button and hold it for more than 3 seconds, the smoke sensor will send out a clear and loud pulsating alarm signal, and at the same time the LED will flash quickly; blow the smoke into the detector, and the smoke sensor will send out a warning signal at the same time.
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    I ordered these detector for every room in the house. Not too difficult to install. These were the perfect price for what I was needing. No reason not to use it!
    From: Arlen | Date: 22/11/2023
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