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    200ml Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor, Stainless Steel

    Hydrothermal autoclave reactor is equipped with anti-explosion holes and pressure relief holes for more safe and secure operation. Hydrothermal reaction vessel with 200ml capacity and stainless steel autocave body. Stainless steel autoclave reactor often used in synthesis of inorganic and organic compounds.
    SKU: ATO-HSR-200
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    The kettle body and kettle cover of synthesis reactors are sealed by durable and reliable line seal structure with long-term stability to leak free seal.


    • Thickening processing PTFE cover, not easy to soften.
    • Beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and easy to operate.
    • With PTFE liner, double care, acid and alkali, resistant to high temperature of 200 ℃.


    • Model: KN-200
    • Capacity: 200ml
    • Material: 304 stanless steel, PTFE chamber
    • Maximun Pressure: 3 MPa
    • Maxium Working Temperatue: 200 ℃
    • Heating and Cooling Rate: ≤5 ℃/min


    Hydrothermal synthesis reactor structure


    Hydrothermal synthesis application

    Tips: How to Clean Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor?

    • Rinse with distilled water. After each use, rinse the hydrothermal synthesis reactor with distilled water to remove any residual chemicals or samples. Use a sufficient amount of distilled water to thoroughly rinse the inner walls and the bottom of the reactor.
    • Soak in detergent solution. Prepare a detergent solution by dissolving a mild detergent in distilled water. Place the hydrothermal synthesis reactor in the detergent solution and let it soak for at least 30 minutes to loosen any stubborn residue.
    • Scrub with a soft brush. After soaking, use a soft brush, such as a nylon brush or a sponge, to scrub the inner walls and the bottom of the hydrothermal synthesis reactor.  Be gentle to avoid scratching the reactor's surface.
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