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    Digital Height Gauge, 0-200mm, 0.01mm

    High-precision digital height gauge for sale online with a measuring range of 0-200mm, resolution 0.01mm. The electronic digital height gauge supports mm and inch that will meet your different unit requirements. Digital display for easy reading.
    SKU: ATO-DHG-200
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    Cheap price digital height gauge with the error ±0.04mm, 0-200mm measuring range. This digital vernier height gauge is made from 4CR13 stainless steel, and mainly used in the automotive industry, manufacturing, science, and research industries.


    Model: ATO-DHG-200
    Range: 0-200mm
    Voltage: 1.5V

    Resolution: 0.01mm
    Error: ±0.04mm
    Responding Speed: 1 m/s

    Body Material: 4CR13 stainless steel
    Battery Type: 1.5 button battery
    Weight: 26kg

    Dimension (mm)

    Dimension of digital height gauge


    Digital Height Gauge Details


    ATO digital height gauges are also called height gauges. As the name suggests, its main purpose is to measure the height of workpieces, and it is also often used to measure shape and position tolerances, and sometimes to mark lines. Digital height gauges are mainly used in the automotive industry, manufacturing, science, and research industries.

    Application of digital height gauge

    Tips: How to use the digital height gauge?

    • Wipe the surface of the height gauge clean first, and then unscrew the lifting screw attached to it. After that, turn on the switch key on the altimeter to start the altimeter.
    • Pull the lifting rod of the height gauge to ensure that the relevant display of the electronic watch is normal.
    • Afterward, you can adjust the height of the relevant meter head according to the height of the object to be measured to ensure that it can touch the surface of the object to be measured.
    • When measuring the workpiece, it is necessary to lift the lifting rod slightly, and then slowly bring it close to the contact surface. After confirming that the contact surface is in contact with the measuring rod, the reset key can be pressed. Afterward, when measuring another contact surface, the display surface will display the measured height.
    • After ensuring that the measurement is completed, the meter head needs to be raised to ensure that the contacts are not damaged.
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