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    7kV Potential Transformer, Single Phase, Oil-immersed

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    7kV Single Phase Potential Transformer, a high-quality electrical component available at an unbeatable price. The 7kV rating of this single-phase potential transformer makes it suitable for electric substations, industrial facilities, protection relay systems, commercial buildings, data centers etc.
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    With a remarkable accuracy class of 0.2/0.5 and a robust 7kV rated insulation level, it ensures precise voltage measurement and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious projects without compromising on quality.


    Model ATO-JDZX9-10
    Phase Single Phase
    Rated Voltage Ratio 6000/√3V, 100/√3V, 100/3V
    Rated Insulation Level 7kV
    Accuracy 0.2 30VA (Rated secondary output)
    0.5 80VA (Rated secondary output)
    Max.output 600VA
    Net Weight 35kg

    Wiring Diagram 

    ATO-JDZX9-10 potential transformer wiring diagram


    • Sensitivity: Oil-immersed transformers are highly sensitive to voltage changes, ensuring accurate and precise voltage measurement.
    • Good Conductivity: The oil used in these transformers possesses excellent electrical conductivity properties. This ensures efficient transfer of electrical energy and minimizes losses during voltage transformation.
    • Pure Purple Copper Coil: Uniform copper wire winding, good conductivity, stable performance.
    • Made with Precision: The product is flat and burr-free, no cracks, beautiful appearance.
    • Epoxy Resin Casting: One-piece cast moulding, good sealing, good insulation. Adoption of excellent raw materials, high strength, no deformation and durable use.

    Overall Dimension (unit: mm)

    7kv single phase potential transformer

    Tips: How do you install a Single Phase Potential Transformer?

    • Determine Mounting Location: Choose a suitable location for mounting the PT. It should be as close as possible to the point where you want to measure the voltage. Ensure that there is enough clearance for safe installation and maintenance.
    • Inspect the PT: Before installation, inspect the PT for any visible damage, loose connections, or defects. Ensure that the secondary terminals and primary connections are in good condition.
    • Prepare Primary Wiring: Connect the primary leads of the PT to the high-voltage circuit you want to monitor. The primary terminals are usually labeled "H1" and "H2." 
    • Grounding: Grounding is essential for safety and accuracy. Ground the PT's metal casing to provide an additional layer of protection against electrical faults. Use appropriate grounding methods and materials.
    • Secondary Wiring: Connect the secondary terminals, typically labeled "X1" and "X2," to the measuring or monitoring equipment. Ensure that the secondary wiring is appropriately sized and insulated to handle the voltage levels involved.
    • Secondary Burden: The secondary burden refers to the load connected to the secondary terminals. Ensure that the burden meets the transformer's specifications to maintain accurate voltage measurements. Common burdens include meters, relays, and protective devices.
    • Insulation and Enclosure: Ensure that the PT and all wiring are adequately insulated to prevent electrical arcing and short circuits.
    • Testing and Commissioning: After installation, perform tests to verify that the PT is functioning correctly. This may include checking the voltage output, polarity, and insulation resistance.
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    Oil-immersed helps with insulation and cooling
    The oil-immersed design not only aids in cooling but also enhances the transformer's durability. It can withstand a variety of environmental conditions and is less prone to wear and tear compared to some dry-type transformers.
    From: Hailey | Date: 26/09/2023
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