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    42kV Potential Transformer, Three Phase, 10000/100V

    Low price 42kV three phase voltage transformer for sale. The 42kV three phase potential transformer is a superior electrical measurement device designed for high voltage power systems. Its all-copper coil design provides excellent conductivity, while optional 0.2 and 0.5 accuracy ratings and 2 x 400VA ultimate output make it ideal for a variety of power measurement and protection applications.
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    The 42kV three-phase potential transformer is a power measurement device with high sensitivity and accuracy. It is made of all-copper coils with excellent conductivity to provide stable and reliable measurements. With a limit output of 2 x 400VA, it is capable of meeting measurement needs under high load conditions.


    Model ATO-JLSZV2-10W
    Phase Three Phase
    Rated Voltage Ratio 10000/100V
    Rated Insulation Level 42kV
    Voltage Accuracy 0.2 2×20VA (Rated secondary output)
    0.5 2×50VA (Rated secondary output)
    Rated Primary Current 7.5-10-15 (A) 10-15-20 (A) 15-20-30 (A)
    Current Accuracy 0.2 10VA (Rated secondary output)
    0.5 10VA (Rated secondary output)
    Max.output 2×400VA
    Net Weight 150Kg

    Wiring Diagram

    Three phase potential transformer wiring diagram

    Overall Dimension Drawing(unit:mm)

    Three phase potential transformer overall dimension drawing


    • High precision: Voltage transformers have high output precision and good linearity, which can meet the requirements of highly accurate measurement.

    • Good isolation performance: Potential transformer can effectively protect the test instrument and electrical equipment, to ensure electrical safety.

    • Strong adaptability: PTs can be applied to different levels of voltage equipment to meet the measurement needs of other occasions.

    • Durable: VTs are made of high quality raw materials and precision manufacturing technology, with good durability.

    Tips: Voltage transformers vs. transformers

    1. Function

    • Transformers: These devices are primarily used for changing the voltage level in an electrical circuit. They can step up (increase) or step down (decrease) voltage while maintaining the same frequency.
    • Voltage Transformers: Also known as potential transformers (PTs), these devices are specifically designed to step down high voltage to a standardized, safe, and measurable level for monitoring, protection, and control purposes.

    2. Voltage Ratio

    • Transformers: Transformers can have a wide range of voltage ratios to suit different applications.
    • Potential transformers: PTs typically have fixed voltage ratios designed for accurate voltage measurement, usually at a 1:1 ratio or other standardized values.

    3. Frequency Handling

    • Transformers: Transformers can operate over a broad range of frequencies.
    • Voltage Transformers: VTs are typically designed for a specific frequency, such as 50 Hz or 60 Hz, and may not function optimally outside of that range.

    4. Load Handling

    • Transformers: Transformers are capable of handling various loads, from low to high power.
    • Potential transformers: PTs are designed for low-power applications and may not handle heavy loads like power transformers.
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