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    12kV Potential Transformer, Single Phase, 10000/100V

    High quality 12kV single phase voltage transformer for sale online. Winding with pure copper coils provides good conductivity and stable performance. The VT is constructed from superior raw materials for strength, durability and reliability. Our 12kV single phase potential transformer is ideal for your power measurements, with a maximum output of up to 500VA, providing you with an accurate and stable voltage measurement solution.
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    The 12kV single phase potential transformer we offer is a high precision, safe and reliable power measurement device. The voltage transformer can accurately measure 12kV single phase voltage, providing stable and reliable measurement results. Reliable insulation ensures the safety of personnel and equipment.


    Model ATO-JDZW-10R
    Phase Single Phase
    Rated Voltage Ratio 10000/100V,10000/220V(optional)
    Rated Insulation Level 12kV
    Accuracy 0.2 30VA (Rated secondary output)
    0.5 50VA (Rated secondary output)
    Max.output 500VA
    Rated Frequency 50Hz
    Net Weight 40kg

    Wiring Diagram

    10KV potential transformer wiring diagram

    Overall Dimension Drawing(unit:mm)

    10KV potential transformer overall dimension


    • High precision: Voltage transformers have high output precision and good linearity, which can meet the requirements of highly accurate measurement.

    • Good isolation performance: Potential transformers can effectively protect the test instrument and electrical equipment, to ensure electrical safety.

    • Strong adaptability: Potential transformers can be applied to different levels of voltage equipment to meet the measurement needs of other occasions.

    • Durable: Voltage transformers are made of high quality raw materials and precision manufacturing technology, with good durability.

    Tips: Why need a potential transformer on the line?

    Firstly, power lines often carry high voltages that are unsafe for direct measurement or monitoring. By using a voltage transformer, the high voltage can be stepped down to a lower, more manageable level that is safe for measurement. This ensures the safety of personnel and equipment involved in the measurement process.

    Secondly, potential transformers help isolate the measuring or monitoring instruments from the high voltage line. By stepping down the voltage, they create a separation between the high voltage network and the low voltage measurement or monitoring equipment. This isolation prevents potential damage or interference to the instruments and ensures their proper functioning.


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