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    42kV Potential Transformer, Single Phase, 10000/100V

    Low-cost single-phase voltage transformer insulation level of 42kV, rated voltage ratio of 10000/100V, accuracy level optional 0.2/0.5. Single-phase fully insulated voltage transformer with high accuracy, high stability, and good conductivity.
    SKU: ATO-PT-10000
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    Voltage transformer is a voltage conversion device, which transforms the high voltage of high voltage circuit or low voltage circuit into low voltage output, to achieve measurement, metering, protection and other functions. The single-phase design has a rated voltage ratio of 10000/100V, an insulation level of up to 42kV and an accuracy range of 0.2-0.5. It has low cost features and is available for sale with free delivery at a good price!


    Model ATO-JDZ10-10
    Phase Single Phase
    Rated Voltage Ratio 10000/100V
    Rated Insulation Level 42kV
    Accuracy 0.2 15VA (Rated secondary output)
    0.5 30VA (Rated secondary output)
    Max.output 200VA
    Rated Frequency 50Hz
    Net Weight 25kg


    Overall Dimension Drawing  (unit: mm)

    42kV single phase potential transformer overall dimension drawing


    • Voltage Conversion: The primary function of a voltage transformer is to convert a high voltage signal into a relatively low voltage signal. This helps to ensure that the signal is within safe limits when voltage measurements and monitoring are performed in power systems to protect equipment and personnel.
    • High Accuracy: Voltage transformers are usually highly accurate and sensitive to sensing, providing accurate voltage measurements. This is critical for power system operation and monitoring to ensure stable power transmission and safe operation of equipment.
    • Insulation Performance: Voltage transformers must have good electrical insulation performance to prevent high voltage signals from triggering electric shock or equipment damage. They are usually designed with insulating materials such as all-copper coils and insulation to ensure the safe transmission of signals.
    • Safety: Voltage transformers are usually protected against overloads and short circuits to prevent equipment damage under abnormal conditions. This helps to ensure that power systems remain reliable under a variety of conditions.
    • Adjustability: Some potential transformers have an adjustable feature that allows the voltage transformation ratio to be adjusted as needed. This flexibility makes them suitable for different power system configurations and requirements.
    • Durability: Voltage transformers are often designed for long life and durability to withstand harsh operating conditions. They are often constructed with thermoset materials and structures that are resistant to properties such as heat, pollution and vibration to ensure reliable operation in a variety of environments.

    Wiring Diagram

    25KV potential transformer wiring diagram

    Tips: Types of Voltage Transformers

    • According to the Installation Location: Can be divided into indoor and outdoor type. 35kV and below are mostly made into indoor type, above 35kV is made into outdoor type.
    • According to the Number of Phases: Can be divided into single-phase and three-phase type, 35kV and above can not be made into three-phase type.
    • According to the Number of Windings: Can be divided into double-winding and three-winding voltage transformer, three-winding voltage transformer in addition to the primary side and the basic secondary side, there is a set of auxiliary secondary side, for grounding protection.
    • According to the Insulation Method: Can be divided into dry, cast, oil-immersed and gas-filled.


    Dry-type voltage transformer structure is simple, no fire and explosion hazards, but the insulation strength is low, only for 6kV below the indoor device.

    Pouring type voltage transformer structure is compact, easy to maintain, suitable for 3kV-35kV indoor type power distribution equipment.

    Oil-immersed type voltage transformer insulation performance is better, can be used for more than 10kV outdoor distribution equipment.

    Inflatable voltage transformers are used in fully enclosed appliances.

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