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    3.5kV Potential Transformer, Single Phase, Oil-immersed

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    3.5kV Oil-immersed single phase potential transformers for sale at low prices, a robust and high-precision electrical measurement solution designed for 3.5kV power systems. With its casting insulation, precise residual voltage winding, and single-phase design, it ensures accurate voltage measurement and power quality analysis for a wide range of applications.
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    Our oil-immersed outdoor voltage transformers, is a high-performance electrical measurement device capable of delivering a maximum output of 600VA. Designed for 3.5kV power systems, this pt potential transformer is well-suited for substation monitoring, industrial automation, testing and calibration in the electrical industry.


    Model ATO-JDZX9-10
    Phase Single Phase
    Rated Voltage Ratio 3000/√3V, 100/√3V, 100/3V
    Rated Insulation Level 3.5kV
    Accuracy 0.2 30VA (Rated secondary output)
    0.5 80VA (Rated secondary output)
    Max.output 600VA
    Net Weight 35kg

    Wiring Diagram 

    ATO-JDZX9-10 potential transformer wiring diagram


    • Epoxy Resin Casting: One-piece cast moulding, good sealing, good insulation. Adoption of excellent raw materials, high strength, no deformation and durable use.
    • Made with Precision: The product is flat and burr-free, no cracks, beautiful appearance.
    • Pure Purple Copper Coil: Uniform copper wire winding, good conductivity, stable performance.
    • Sensitivity: Oil-immersed transformers are highly sensitive to voltage changes, ensuring accurate and precise voltage measurement.
    • Good Conductivity: The oil used in these transformers possesses excellent electrical conductivity properties. This ensures efficient transfer of electrical energy and minimizes losses during voltage transformation.
    • Stable Performance: Oil-immersed outdoor voltage transformers are renowned for their stable and consistent performance over long periods. The oil insulation provides effective cooling, preventing overheating and ensuring that the transformer operates optimally even under heavy loads or extreme weather conditions.

    Overall Dimension (unit: mm)

    3.5kv single phase potential transformer

    Tips: What are the advantages of single-phase potential transformers?

    • High Insulation Capability: Oil-immersed transformers provide superior insulation, ensuring the safety and reliability of electrical systems.
    • Excellent Cooling Properties: The oil acts as an effective coolant, dissipating heat generated during operation, thus preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance.
    • Longevity and Durability: The oil insulation, along with robust construction, enhances the transformer's lifespan, reducing maintenance and replacement costs over time.
    • High Precision: Oil-immersed transformers offer precise voltage measurement, making them suitable for critical applications where accuracy is paramount.
    • Wide Application Range: These transformers find use in various sectors, including power generation, distribution, industrial automation, and energy management, due to their adaptability and reliability.
    Existing reviews of 3.5kV Potential Transformer, Single Phase, Oil-immersed
    Easily adapt to various application scenarios
    3.5kV potential transformer, single-phase design, perfectly adapted to my needs. The oil-immersed design ensures the long life and reliability of the instrument transformer. I no longer need frequent maintenance. Not only can it reliably measure high-voltage current, it can also be easily adapted to various application scenarios.
    From: Maverick | Date: 20/10/2023
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