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    1/2 inch Brass Y Strainer

    Reliable 1/2 inch brass Y type strainer with 15mm nominal diameter, threaded connection, working pressure 1.6Mpa, commonly used in water supply systems, including municipal water treatment plants, commercial buildings and residential pipelines, to effectively filter out sand, rust, sediment and other debris.
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    1/2” Y type strainer for sale online. It is a 15mm brass filter, available with a threaded connection, working pressure 1.6Mpa, corrosion-resistant, and low flow resistance, can effectively remove unwanted particles and debris from fluid systems.


    • Model: ATO-ML-8202
    • Nominal Diameter: DN15 (1/2 inch)
    • Main Body Material: Brass
    • Type: Y Type Strainer
    • Nominal Pressure: 1.6Mpa
    • Thread: Complies with ISO 228 Standard
    • Applicable Temperature: -10℃≤T≤120℃
    • Working Medium: Water, Oil, Non-Corrosive and Non-Combustible Gas

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Brassl Y strainer dimension

    DN Size L B H
    15 1/2 inch 55.5 15 33.5


    Y-type strainers can remove impurities, debris, and solid particles from fluid or gas pipelines in industrial and commercial applications. They are typically used in applications where a high flow rate is required, and where there is a risk of damage to equipment or processes from the presence of solid particles.

    Stainless steel Y strainer applications

    Tips: Why choose brass for Y strainers?

    Brass is a preferred material for Y strainers for several reasons. Firstly, brass exhibits commendable corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and durability in diverse industrial environments. This resistance to corrosion is particularly advantageous when the strainer is exposed to water, chemicals, or gases. Secondly, brass possesses robust mechanical properties, providing strength and structural integrity to the Y strainer, which is crucial for its functionality in high-pressure systems. Additionally, brass offers excellent machinability, allowing for intricate designs and precise manufacturing of the Y strainer components.

    Furthermore, the malleability of brass facilitates the creation of intricate shapes and the incorporation of fine mesh or screens for efficient particle filtration. This is particularly important in applications where the removal of solid particles is critical to prevent damage to downstream equipment. Lastly, brass is a cost-effective material, striking a balance between performance and affordability. The combination of corrosion resistance, strength, machinability, and cost-effectiveness makes brass an ideal choice for Y strainers in various industrial settings, including water systems, HVAC installations, and chemical processing plants.

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