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    3/4" Pneumatic Globe Valve

    3/4 inch (DN20) pneumatic globe valve, with a rated flow coefficient (Kv) of 7, boasting a film effective area of 100 cm2, crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel. The valve efficiently handles pressure differences, with Positive Action at 5.09 MPa and Opposite Reaction at 6.4 MPa, ensuring stability and control under varying conditions.
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    This valve boasts a nominal pressure of PN16 MPa, designed to handle both gas and liquid mediums, providing flexibility across a range of industrial processes.


    Top-guided construction with multi-spring membrane actuator.

    Compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, fluid channel is S streamline, small pressure drop loss, large capacity, easy disassembly and installation.

    By using a thin-film multi-spring actuator connected to the adjusting mechanism by three columns, the overall height can be reduced by about 30 per cent and the weight by about 30 per cent. The overall height can be reduced by about 30 per cent and the weight by about 30 per cent.

    The valve body is designed according to the principle of fluid dynamics into an equal cross-section low flow resistance flow path, the rated flow coefficient increases by 30%.


    Model ATO-810D-1S2A-4DK41-DN20
    Nominal pressure PN16 MPa
    Rated Flow Coefficient 7 KV
    Rated Stroke 8mm
    Film Effective Area 100 cm2
    Allowable Pressure Difference Positive Action 5.09
    Opposite Reaction 6.4
    Signal pressure 0 or 250
    Operating Temperature ≤ 250℃
    Connection Method Flangeless
    Medium of use Gas and Liquid
    Valve Body Material 304

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    3/4 inch diaphragm control valve size

    DN A L H H1
    20 196 150 35 340


     Pneumatic globe valve application

    Tips: Can the valve be used for on/off applications, or is it strictly for throttling purposes?

    The 3/4" Pneumatic Globe Valve is versatile and can be employed for both on/off applications and throttling purposes. Here's a detailed explanation:

    Throttling Applications

    • Precise Flow Control: The globe valve is well-suited for throttling or modulating applications where precise control over the flow rate is required. Its design allows for gradual adjustment of the flow, making it ideal for processes that demand accurate regulation.
    • Varied Flow Rates: The valve's ability to modulate the flow of fluids makes it suitable for processes that involve varying flow rates, allowing operators to finely tune the amount of fluid passing through the system.
    • Stable Control: In applications where maintaining a stable and controlled flow is critical, such as in certain chemical or manufacturing processes, the globe valve excels in providing the necessary level of control.

    On/Off Applications:

    • Quick Response: The pneumatic actuation system of the valve enables rapid changes in position, facilitating quick on/off functionality. This responsiveness is crucial in applications where immediate shut-off or opening of the flow is required.
    • Emergency Situations: In scenarios where a rapid response to shut down or start a process is essential, the valve's on/off capabilities contribute to the overall safety and reliability of the system.
    • Versatility: The ability of the valve to serve dual purposes—throttling and on/off—adds to its versatility. It can adapt to a wide range of operational requirements within a pneumatic control system.
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