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    Handheld LCR Meter, 100Hz~100kHz

    Cheap handheld LCR meter. Test frequency can select 100Hz~10kHz or 100Hz~100kHz, basic accuracy 0.20%. Measure inductance (L) max. 9999H, capacitance (C) max. 9999μF, resistance (R) max. 99.99MΩ. It is controlled by a high-performance 32 bit ARM microprocessor, the main and secondary specifications are displayed at the same time. Affordable and easy to use.
    SKU: ATO-LCRM-1010
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    • 2.8-inch true color LCD display with high brightness.
    • USB communication function, built-in Mini-USB interface (virtual serial port). Comparison function of a set of recorded main specifications.
    • Switchable attachment (AUX) sequencing correction function: open and short circuit scan frequency removal in full range.
    • 7.4V, 1300mAh charging interface serial port for rechargeable lithium batteries.


    Model ATO-LCRM-825 ATO-LCRM-826
    Test Specifications L, C, R, Z
    Monitoring Specifications D, Q, θ (deg), θ (rad) ESR
    Accuracy 0.20%
    100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz 
    Display Range
    L: 0.01μH~9999H
    Q: 0.0001~9999
    C: 0.01pF~9999μF
    θ (deg): -179.99°~179.99°
    R, Z: 0.0001Ω~99.99MΩ
    θ (rad): -3.1416~3.1416
    D: 0.001~9.999
    L: 0.01μH~9999H
    Q: 0.0001~9999
    C: 0.01pF~9999μF
    θ (deg): -179.99°~179.99°
    R, Z: 0.0001Ω~99.99MΩ
    θ (rad): -3.1416~3.1416
    D: 0.001~9.999
    Source Resistance
    Range Automatic or Manual
    Maximum Reading 5 bits of main specification and 5 bit display of sub specification
    Signal Level 0.6Vrms
    Test Speed 4 times/second, 1.5 times/second
    Comparator 1 sets, compare main specifications
    Adjustment Open/short scan frequency reset for each range
    Interface Build-in Mini-USB interface (virtual interface)
    Charging interface
    Others 2.8 inch real color 16M color TFT-LCD display, touch screen, data retention function, USB communication, compatible SCPI instruction set, middle and English switching, backlight adjustment, automatic shutdown
    Power Requirements Input: 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 0.35A
    Output: 9V 1A DC 7.4V
    Li, 1300mAh Rechargeable battery
    Certification CE
    Size (mm) 91 (W) x 194 (H) x 40 (D)

    Panel Details

    Panel Details of Hand-held LCR Meter, 100Hz~100kHz

    Dimension Drawing

    Dimension Drawing of Hand-held LCR Meter, 100Hz~100kHz

    Tips: Handheld LCR meter battery replacement.

    1. Use a cross screwdriver to remove screws on the bottom case of handheld LCR meter and open the bottom case.
    2. Remove the battery from battery slot under the motherboard for replacement.
    3. Battery must be rechargeable lithium battery with standard model.
    4. Cover the bottom case and screw on, replacement is complete.

    If the handheld LCR meter is not used for more than three months, or the external power adapter is always used for operation, remove the battery to prevent it leakage from corroding circuit board and causing damage to LCR meter.

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