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    Alarm & Siren Price List

    The function of the alarm is to send out a sound or signal in time when an emergency occurs to remind people to take action to prevent casualties and property losses. ATO provides different models of high-quality alarms and alarm lights used with the alarms for you to choose from to protect your safety. These include TOWL, GLASS alarm lights, AVALM, MOALM, and MDSR alarms. The price range of ATO alarms and alarm lights is listed below for your reference. Please note that the table below only shows some prices, not all. For more information, please view the alarm product page.

    How to Use the Motor Alarm?

    Motor alarm is a type of sound and light alarm, also known as vibration alarm, which is a sound signal generator, mainly used for alarm, prompt and other occasions. It uses the built-in motor to remind the user that there is an abnormal situation in the device or room. It is usually composed of components such as batteries, circuit boards, vibration motors, etc.

    What are Types of Motor Alarms?

    An alarm is an electronic product that reminds or warns us in the form of sound, light, air pressure, etc. that we should take certain actions to prevent the consequences of an event. Alarms are divided into motor alarms and electronic alarms. This blog will introduce motor alarms in detail. A motor alarm is a special alarm directly driven by an electric motor. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to make a loud sound. It is usually composed of a motor, a rotor, a circuit board, and a housing. ATO's motor alarm types include wind screw motor alarms, explosion-proof motor alarms, and motor driven siren alarms.