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    How to Use the Motor Alarm?

    Motor alarm is a type of sound and light alarm, also known as vibration alarm, which is a sound signal generator, mainly used for alarm, prompt and other occasions. It uses the built-in motor to remind the user that there is an abnormal situation in the device or room. It is usually composed of components such as batteries, circuit boards, vibration motors, etc.

    Installation and Wiring Guide

    Determine Where to Place the Motor Alarm

    It is usually installed near the equipment or area that needs to be alerted so that the alarm signal can be quickly issued. The choice of installation location should be considered according to the actual situation. Generally, it is required that the motor alarm sound can be quickly transmitted to the area that needs to be alerted, while avoiding being blocked or disturbed by noise. Motor alarm can be installed on the surface of the equipment, inside the warehouse, on the dashboard of the vehicle, etc.

    Wind screw motor alarm application distribution boxWind screw motor alarm application control box

    Fix the Motor Alarm

    Fix the motor alarm at the installation location, which usually includes a base and an alarm body. There are usually two installation methods: wall mounting and base mounting.

    Motor alarm installation method

    Wiring Method

    The wiring method of the motor alarm is relatively simple, and can be connected according to the alarm reference manual. The motor alarm has two interfaces, one for the positive pole and one for the negative pole. In general, the positive pole of the alarm is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole of the power supply. If you need to use a controller for control, you need to connect the wires according to the manual. After the wiring is correct, you can install batteries or connect power source.

    Motoralarm wiring way

    Set Up

    Turn on the switch on the motor alarm and set it according to the instructions in the manual, including setting the alarm volume, alarm duration, sensitivity and other parameters. And then setting the alarm password as needed to prevent false alarms or being shut down.

    Start Up

    • Before activating the motor alarm, make sure the doors and windows are closed.
    • Press the start button on the motor alarm and make sure you hear the alarm.
    • Motor alarm can be started or turned off at any time through the remote control or mobile phone APP.

    Troubleshooting and Maintenance


    When using a motor alarm, if the alarm signal does not sound or the sound is not loud, it may be that the motor alarm is faulty and needs to be investigated. You can remove it from the device. Touch the main body and the parts in the windings with your hands to check whether there is looseness or short circuit. At the same time, attention should also be paid to whether there is friction, wear of screws, bearings and other parts, which need to be replaced in time to ensure the use effect.

    If the motor alarm fails, you can specifically handle it as follows:

    1. Check whether the power cord is in poor contact, and try to connect the power cord again.
    2. Check whether the power cord is normal. If the power supply fails, the power supply needs to be replaced.
    3. If the controller or other external equipment fails, you need to check whether the controller or other external equipment is working properly.
    4. If the motor alarm often produces false alarms, you can lower the sensitivity to solve the problem.
    5. If the motor alarm cannot be deactivated using the password after it is activated, it can also be deactivated by turning on the deactivation button on the alarm.
    6. If none of the above methods can solve the problem, please contact the ATO Automation for repair or replacement.


    In order to ensure the service life and effectiveness of the motor alarm, regular care and maintenance are required. On the one hand, the motor alarm can be inspected between equipment operations to check usage, tighten fasteners, clean dust, oil and other impurities to keep the alarm clean and tidy. In addition, proper lubrication and maintenance can also be carried out, and an appropriate amount of lubricating oil can be added to ensure operating results.


    Generally speaking, the use of motor alarms is relatively simple. The key is to install them accurately and set the parameters correctly. Understanding the principles and operation methods of motor alarms is of great significance for safety assurance and equipment maintenance. During use, attention should be paid to the normal operation of the equipment, and timely inspection and maintenance should be performed to ensure the normal operation and longer service life of the equipment, which is responsible for the safety of life.

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