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    Motor Driven Siren, 123.3dB/125.8dB, 3 Phase 380V/4kW

    Motor driven siren has optional output volume 123.3dB or 125.8dB, working voltage 3 phase 380VAC, rated power 4kW (5-1/2 hp), fast response time ≤3s, cast aluminum alloy shell and protection class IP44. It adopts a three phase motor and two-way alarm mode to realize emergency alarm. The motor speed is 2900 rpm. Motor driven siren can be used for air raid alarm system or natural disasters early warning.
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    Motor driven siren has optional output volume 123.3dB/125.8dB, working voltage 3 phase 380VAC, rated power 4kW (5-1/2 hp) and two-way alarm mode.


    Type * Horizontal type Vertical type
    Shipping weight 110kg 110kg
    Package dimension 66*56*64cm 75*63*71cm
    Working voltage 3 phase 380V
    Working frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Rated power 4kW (5-1/2 hp)
    Output volume 125.8dB (at a radius of 5 m) 123.3dB (at a radius of 5 m)
    Output frequency 500±20Hz
    Sound Continuous alarm sound
    Working mode Alarm when power on
    Shell material Cast aluminum alloy
    Response time ≤3s
    Protection class IP44
    Motor speed 2900 rpm
    Working temperature -20~+60℃ (-4~+140℉)

    Tips: What to do if the motor driven siren alarms during war or disaster?

    1. If you hear an pre-alarm during war or disaster
      After hearing the pre-alarm, immediately pull off the power switch, turn off the gas, extinguish the fire, bring personal protective equipment and necessary daily necessities, and enter the civil air defense project or designated concealed areas. Personnel and vehicles in public places shall obey the instructions of personnel of relevant departments and go to the designated place to conceal quickly. Light regulations should be strictly observed at night.
    2. If you hear an air raid alarm during a war or disaster
      When hear the air raid alarm, enter the nearest air defense covert. In case of emergency and unable to enter the civil air defense project, the terrain and features should be used to hide nearby.
    3. If you hear the release alarm during war or disaster
      Hearing the alarm does not mean that the danger is no longer there. There will be other dangers such as house collapse or fire, and there may be radioactive materials, poison or bacteria nearby. Therefore, keep a clear head and carry own belongings, withdraw from the danger zone and enter a safe zone in an organized manner.
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