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    Vibration Motor: Working, Installation & Troubleshooting

    Vibration motor is installed at both ends of the rotor shaft each set of adjustable eccentric block, and then use the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation of shaft and eccentric block. Its purpose is to get the exciting force. It has a wide range of vibration frequencies. Only when the excitation force and power are properly matched can the mechanical noise be reduced. There are six types of vibration motors, which are classified according to starting and running mode and running speed.

    Vibration motor is a power source and vibration source combined as one of the exciting source. Its exciting force is easy to use, and has the advantages of high utilization rate, low energy consumption, low noise, long life and so on. They can be applied to general vibration machinery, such as: vibration crusher, vibrating screen extension machine, vibration baler, vibration shakeout machine, vibration molding machine, vibration pile driver, vibration hoist, vibration filling machine, silo vibration arch broken anti-occlusion device and so on. They are widely used in hydropower construction, thermal power generation, construction, building materials, chemical industry, mining, coal, metallurgy, light industry and other industrial sectors.

    Vacuum Circuit Breaker Troubleshooting

    The advantages of indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker are not only oil-free equipment, but also long electrical life. It has mechanical life, large breaking insulation capacity, strong continuous breaking capacity, small volume, light weight, frequent operation, fire free, less operation and maintenance, etc. And they are quickly recognized by the operation, maintenance and technical personnel of the power department. The quality of some high voltage vacuum circuit breakers is not stable enough, the current carrying voltage is on the high side during operation and some vacuum interrupters still have air leakage. With the wide application of vacuum circuit breaker, faults also occur from time to time. The author analyzes the common faults of vacuum circuit breaker and gives treatment methods.

    Capacitor Troubleshooting

    As a reactive power compensation device, the capacitor is an important equipment for the safe operation of the power grid. It plays an important role in adjusting the voltage of the power grid, reducing line losses, and improving the quality of power supply. But in actual application, due to the influence of human factors and various aspects of the environment. The capacitor frequently fails during operation, which affects normal operation. The following is an analysis of related failures about capacitance.

    Dehumidifier Troubleshooting

    Dehumidifiers are becoming more and more accepted by people. Dehumidifiers can be seen in hotels, production workshops, storage warehouses and even daily life. For example, ATO's Commercial dehumidifiers and Industrial dehumidifiers have the characteristics of low noise, energy saving and high efficiency, which are very suitable for commercial or industrial environments. As an electrical appliance, it is inevitable that there will be malfunctions. The following is an analysis of the related failures of the dehumidifier.

    How to Troubleshoot Handheld Inkjet Printer Issues?

    In the daily use of handheld inkjet printer are encountered in the process of some problems. Generally speaking, the working principle of online inkjet printers is more complex, and when a failure occurs, you usually need to contact the inkjet printer manufacturer's staff to guide the maintenance. While the working principle of handheld inkjet printers is relatively simple, as long as know the common processing methods, the fault can be easily resolved, and ATO's editor will explain it to you below.

    Installation Precautions and Troubleshooting of Control Transformer

    In the machinery industry, almost every machine tool equipment needs to use a control transformer. It is often used as a local lighting power supply, signal lamp or indicator power supply, and as a control circuit power supply in electrical equipment. However, when in use, you may encounter the problem of the control transformer being burned out. What is the cause?

    Tips of Operating Paperless Recorder

    At present, with the acceleration of the process of industrial control automation, especially for industry, paperless recorder becomes a necessary tool. According to the change value recorded by the paperless recorder, it can reflect the temperature and humidity changes in the storage, production, transportation and other processes at any time, and through professional PC analysis software, it will help enterprises to conduct more scientific and effective management, analysis, and induction, which greatly improves the work process and efficiency.

    Vacuum Pump Troubleshooting

    With the construction and development of industry, many industries such as metallurgy, electronics, and coating have put forward higher requirements for the extraction of gas or particles from equipment. The large demand for industrial production and the rapid development of technology have made the production process of vacuum pumps continue to improve. Gradually occupy a larger market share in industrial production. With the continuous improvement of the level of vacuum pump manufacturing technology, the structural design of vacuum pumps is more refined, and different equipment structures also enable vacuum pumps to work in different industrial environments. Different types of vacuum pumps are driving the industry with a rapid growth momentum. Rapid development. The following form is a brief list of common problems and maintenance methods.

    Troubleshooting of Pipettes

    The fourth step is to check the piston system. After disassembling the piston, it is required to check if the piston is polluted, clean the piston, smear lubrication oil, re-install the piston, and recheck if the pipetting volume is still low. If the problem can not be solved, please deliver to the supplier. If there are serious problems such as aging of the sealing ring or rust of the piston, please also send it to the supplier for handling. Generally, users are not recommended to replace the accessories after purchasing the accessories from the supplier.

    Check whether the sealing device and piston are polluted. The piston should be glossy and free of corrosive rust. If it is contaminated, clean it with distilled water or isopropyl alcohol, and then wipe it with a non-woven cloth. At the same time, note that before re-installing, check whether the inner wall of the handle is clean and ensure that all parts are completely dry.

    Troubleshooting Combustible Gas Detector

    When using the fixed combustible gas detector, it is inevitable that there will be some failures. Then, why do these failures occur, and how can we troubleshoot them? The following are simple examples of several troubleshooting methods.
    In the process of using the combustible gas detector, it should not be installed close to the air conditioner and heating equipment. If the cold or warm air directly flows to the gas detector, it may cause the change of electrical resistivity of the alarm platinum wire and then the error occurs. Therefore, the alarm should be located far away from air conditioners and heating equipment to avoid the gas detector failures caused by improper placement.

    Laser Marking Machine Troubleshooting

    When a fault occurs during the use of the laser marking machine, the problem should be solved in time, otherwise it will directly affect the workshop output. Actually, the maintenance of the laser marking machine is a little troublesome, but the working principle is very simple, so many problems can be solved by the operator without professional technicians. Here are several common problems and causes of laser marking machine.

    Troubleshooting Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

    The installed rotor of a rotary vane vacuum pump is tangent to the stator fixed surface inside the pump eccentric, two or more rotary vanes slide in the rotor slot and contact with the inner wall of the stator, which makes the pump chamber divided into several variable volumes.

    Generally, the clearance between the rotary vane and pump chamber is sealed by oil, so the rotary vane vacuum pump is usually an oil seal mechanical vacuum pump.

    The rotary vane vacuum pump can remove the dry gas from the sealed container. It can remove a certain amount of condensable gas if it has gas ballast device. However, it is not appropriate to remove some gases that are highly oxygenated, corrosive to metals, react chemically to pump oil, and contain particulate dust.

    The rotary vane vacuum pump failure is divided into operation failure and performance failure.

    Air Compressor Troubleshooting

    The air compressor is a compressed gas equipment that is applied for every process of industrial production. As an important industrial equipment, the air compressor provides pneumatic power sources, which is a core device of the pneumatic system. It changes mechanical energy of dynamic into gas pressure energy, which is an air pressure generating device of compressed air. However, if some problems occur in the air compressor, how should we discover and resolute?

    Water Chiller Troubleshooting

    The water chiller is a water cooling equipment, which can provide constant temperature, constant current and constant pressure. The principle of the water chiller is that a certain amount of water is injected into internal water tank, making refrigerating system cools the water, and then water pump inside the machine injects cryogenic freezing water into an equipment which needs to cool back. The frozen water takes away calories inside the machine, then high temperature water backflow in water tank cools down. Cycle alternation cool reaches a function that cools equipment.

    Pressure Transducer Troubleshooting

    Generally, DCS system treats the current higher than 20.2mA or less than 3.8mA as a fault, and the pressure transducer also has fault current settings. For example, it can set the fault current of pressure transducer to 3.6mA or 22.8mA, or setting as needed and related to failure alarm setting. When the output current of pressure transducer is less than 4mA or greater than 20mA, it refers to the common saying that the instrument display is below zero or the instrument display is maximum. In this case, the fault is analyzed and judged in excess of the range. When checking the over-range fault of pressure transducer, firstly check the components related to the process, whether the process parameters have significantly changed, whether the instrument sampling valve and connecting pipes are normal, whether the connecting line or safety grille is faulty or damaged. Then check the pressure transducer itself, whether its range is selected correctly, whether the measuring diaphragm and circuit board break.

    What Causes a Solid State Relay Burnout?

    Solid state relay, SSR in short, is the non-contact switch constituted by the microelectronics circuit, discrete electron device and power electronics power device. The isolation device is used to realize the isolation of the control terminal and load terminal. The input terminal of the solid state relay adopts the tiny control signal, thus realizing the direct driving of the high-current load.
    Then, we will mainly introduces the faults of the solid state relay burnout. How to test the SSR if it is damaged or not? What is the reason of the solid state relay burnout and how to deal with?

    Soft Starter Troubleshooting

    Frequent starting leads to excessively high temperature, overheating protection of the soft starter thereof operates (starting frequency of the soft starter shall be controlled within 6 times per hour, particularly in heavy load). Protective elements act at starting, which makes the contactor unable to by pass, the soft starter works for long time and thus causing the protection to act (check peripheral circuit). Heavy load and long starting time lead to overheating protection (reduce load as far as possible when starting). Parameters of soft starter are improperly set. Long starting time and low starting voltage (increase the starting voltage). Radiator fan of the soft starter can't work normally (replace a fan).

    Safety Relay Troubleshooting

    Safety relay is the main component of electric locomotive control circuit and monitoring protection system. When the electrical components or connection wires in the main circuit or auxiliary circuit break as the electric locomotive is running, the safety relay of corresponding monitoring protection system can transfer the fault into electric signal. On one hand, the electric signal will be fed back to the opening coil of main breaker to trip the main breaker, thus cutting off general power supply of the electric locomotive to protect it. On the other hand, the electric signal will be fed back to signal device (including mechanical signal and electrical signal) and make it to display different fault conditions, thus guiding the electric locomotive conductor to deal with faults timely and correctly. In this respect, the safety relay doesn't directly control the main circuit or auxiliary circuit, but it's of great importance to the electric locomotive.

    Troubleshooting with AC Contactor

    Common fault for the iron core of an AC contactor is about the large noise. If it's caused by insufficient coil voltage after inspection, adjust the power voltage. If it's caused by bad contact between contact surfaces of dynamic and static cores, make contact surfaces smooth to ensure a good contact. If the noise is caused by the break of short circuit ring, replace or weld the short circuit ring. Another common fault is that the armature doesn't fall when powering off. This may be caused by small spring pressure between contacts, adjust the contact force please. If it's caused by block of armature or mechanical part, remover the barrier. There should be a clearance of 0.1~0.2mm in the central pillar of E-shaped core, if the clearance disappears due to iron core wear, the iron core may be stuck, repair the central pillar plane of the E-shaped core.

    Safety Light Curtain Troubleshooting

    Safety light curtain is a powerful safety laser sensor for machine guarding and personal safety. It is rather convenient and flexible in wiring and installation. The safety light curtain is equipped with flexible and relevant software, which can easily change the shielding and blanking effect according to the customers' various on-site requirements. It greatly reduces the time for re-arrangement and re-wiring. However, due to the complexity of the production process, the on-site product models often change, the settings for the safety light curtain also change accordingly. There are still some common problems in installation and maintenance. Today, ATO will tell you how to solve these problems.