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    Hydraulic Pump vs. Hydraulic Motor

    The structure and working principle of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are very similar, and some people often confuse the two. The hydraulic pump is the place where work is required to convert mechanical energy) into pressure energy, and the system that transports the pressure oil needs to do work. The hydraulic motor converts pressure energy into mechanical energy, and the pressure oil drives the blades in the hydraulic motor to rotate, thereby driving the mechanical work connected to the hydraulic motor shaft. provides hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are energy conversion elements in hydraulic transmission systems. What's the difference between the two?

    Hydraulic Motor Price List

    Hydraulic motors are mechanical actuators that convert hydraulic pressure and flow into torque and angular displacement (rotation). Hydraulic motors are the rotary counterparts of hydraulic cylinders as linear actuators. ATO has high torque, high speed, high efficiency hydraulic radial piston motor, hydraulic pump motor, hydraulic orbital motor, optional working power 8-50 horsepower (6kW-38kW), rated pressure 2300~3600 psi, speed range 15-1500 rpm , ATO hydraulic motors have competitive prices and a wide range of applications.

    Hydraulic Motor Buying Guide

    A hydraulic motor is a mechanical actuator that converts hydraulic pressure and flows into torque and angular displacement (rotation). Hydraulic motors serve the electric power, construction, water conservancy, transportation, ships, automobiles, aerospace and military field. Hydraulic systems are widely used in papermaking, textile, plastics, rubber and other light industries. It also plays an important role in heavy industry, like mining, petroleum, metallurgy and pressure processing.

    Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor Price List

    Radial piston hydraulic motor is high efficiency, high torque at low speeds and compact design allows its use in different fields such as industrial, marine, off-shore, mobile, and agriculture. ATO radial piston hydraulic motors are high-temperature resistance, high pressure, not easy to leakage, and all at a reasonable price, below is the price list.

    4 Types of Hydraulic Motors

    The hydraulic motor is a device that converts the pressure energy of a liquid into mechanical energy and is generally used in modern hydraulic machinery using hydraulic fluid as part of a closed hydraulic circuit. According to its structure type, the hydraulic motor can be mainly divided into 4 types - gear motor, vane motor, radial piston motor, and axial plunger motor.

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