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    How to Use Rigid Couplings?

    Rigid couplings are torsionally rigid couplings that do not have any rotary clearance even when subjected to loads, and even when there is a deviation that generates a load, the rigid coupling still transmits the torque rigidly.

    Any deviation in the system can lead to premature damage to the shaft, bearings or coupling, which means that it cannot be used at high speeds because it cannot compensate for the relative displacement between the shafts due to the high temperatures generated by the high speed operation. Of course, if the relative displacement can be successfully controlled, rigid couplings can also perform very well in servo applications.

    How Does Vibration Motor Controllers Work?

    A vibration motor controller is a device used to control a vibration motor by adjusting parameters such as current, voltage, frequency, and phase to achieve precise control of the vibration motor. Vibrating motors are commonly used in industrial applications such as vibratory feeding, screening, conveying, etc. The principle of operation of vibrating motor controllers involves circuitry and signal processing, etc. ATO online shop provides you with a detailed introduction to the principle of operation of vibrating motor controllers.

    How to Choose a Flashlight?

    The flashlight is a common lighting tool, which is widely used in outdoor adventures, night work, family emergencies, and other occasions. With the continuous advancement of technology, the types and functions of flashlights are becoming more and more diverse. Consumers need to consider many factors when choosing a flashlight. This article will introduce the purchase guide of flashlights from the following aspects.

    How to Clean Battery Corrosion in Flashlights?

    Regardless of any equipment, it is inevitable that there will be minor problems after a long time of use, and the flashlight is no exception. Among them, battery corrosion and leakage a relatively common problems, so what should we do if we encounter them? ATO will bring you solutions on how to clean flashlight battery corrosion.

    How to Use a Fume Extractor?

    Using a fume extractor is essential for maintaining a safe and healthy environment when dealing with fumes, smoke, or airborne particles in a workspace. Fume extractor systems are commonly used in soldering, welding, chemical laboratories, woodworking, and other environments where harmful substances may be present. Using a fume extractor is relatively straightforward, but the specific steps may vary depending on the model and type of fume extractor you have. Here is a general guide on how to use a fume extractor effectively.

    How do You Maintain a Fume Extractor?

    Fume extractors are commonly used in various settings, such as laboratories, workshops, or manufacturing facilities, to remove harmful fumes, dust, or particles from the air. Regular maintenance not only ensures the efficient operation of the fume evacuator but also effectively removes harmful fumes and particles, helping to create a safer and healthier working environment. So how to maintain fume extractors in your daily life? Here are some general guidelines for maintaining a fume extractor.

    How to Choose a Right Magnetic Drive Pump

    Magnetic drive pump is a new type of seal-less pump which applies the principle of permanent magnetic drive technology to realize contactless transmission of torque. As a non-leakage, non-polluting fluid transfer equipment, the type of pump without sealing, can achieve zero leakage, especially suitable for transporting flammable, explosive, volatile, toxic, corrosive and precious liquids, magnetic drive pumps are mostly used for the requirements of the pump can only be slightly leaky or even non-leakage occasions, as well as mechanical seals are more difficult to cope with the occasion of a high vacuum, is now widely used in many industrial fields.

    However, due to the existence of a variety ofmodels and specifications of magnetic drive pumps on the market, in order to ensure the selection of suitable magnetic drive pumps, need to consider some key points. In this article, we will analyze how to choose the right magnetic drive pump to help readers make an informed decision during the purchasing process.

    How to Test a Well Pump?

    A well pump is an important piece of equipment used to extract water from groundwater sources to supply water for domestic use, agricultural irrigation and industrial applications. In order to ensure that your well pump is operating properly and working efficiently, it is critical that you test your well pump's performance and functionality on a regular basis. The following section describes how to properly test a well pump to ensure proper operation and extended service life.

    How to Choose a Deep Groove Ball Bearing?

    A deep groove ball bearing is the most commonly used type of rolling bearing, consisting of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel balls and a set of cage composition. There are two types of deep groove ball bearing, single row and double row, deep groove ball structure is also divided into sealed and open two structures, open type means bearing without a sealed structure, sealed deep groove ball is divided into dust seal and oil seal. Maybe you’ve asked yourself “Which bearing will be best for your application?” Or “How do I choose a bearing?” This article will help you answer those questions.

    Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Troubleshooting

    The steam autoclave sterilizer is a device that uses saturated pressure steam to sterilize items quickly and reliably, and is suitable for medical and health care, scientific research, agriculture and other units. Due to frequent use on a daily basis, a variety of faults will inevitably occur. Mastering troubleshooting and solutions can avoid prolonged sterilization on hold, and the following are several common faults and treatment methods of autoclaves.

    How do I Calibrate pH Probe Electrode?

    All pH electrodes require frequent calibration, and two-point calibration makes the electrode and a specific host form an accurate test system. Follow the steps below to complete the two-point calibration. The calibration process will be described below by taking the 7.00 and 4.01 standard solutions as examples.

    How to Install CO2 Sensor?

    CO2 sensors are widely used in many fields of work and bring many conveniences to people's lives. The installation position of the CO2 sensor has a great influence on whether it can function perfectly. Next, ATO will introduce you the installation skills of the CO2 sensor.

    How to Install Rocker Switch?

    The rocker switch is widely used in life and brings a lot of convenience to people's life. So do you know how to wire the rocker switch? Next, ATO will bring you knowledge about how to wire and select the rocker switch.

    How do I Choose Soldering Iron?

    The electric soldering iron is a tool used to solder components or wires, and can be used for mobile phone repairs, electronic production, etc. The use of electric soldering iron requires strong technical skills, and professional selection can make it more convenient for us to use the soldering iron. Next, ATO will introduce to you the selection guidance for electric soldering irons.

    How to Select CO2 Sensor?

    As an instrument for detecting the concentration of carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide sensors are widely used in the living environment, plant cultivation, cultural relics, and archives protection. Next, ATO will take you to learn how to choose a suitable carbon dioxide sensor.

    How to Calibrate Soldering Iron Temperature?

    Soldering iron is the most commonly used welding tool for electronic engineers and electronics enthusiasts. Using a soldering iron well will save us a lot of time in our work. At the same time, correct maintenance methods will help extend the service life of the soldering iron. Next, we will introduce you to the maintenance method of the electric soldering iron.

    How to Wire the Foot Switch?

    The foot switch belongs to a type of switch, mainly through the action of the foot to operate whether the circuit is on or not, and can also control the magnitude of the current. In many areas, if it is inconvenient to use the hand, a foot switch will be set to operate the machine, saving time and effort, so the foot switch is used frequently in daily life, mainly used in medical equipment, stamping equipment and other work fields. So, do you know how to wire the foot switch? Let's learn about the wiring of the foot switch now.

    How to Operate Soldering Gun Correctly?

    The soldering gun is one of the main equipment for hot air welding. Knowing how to use the soldering gun and precautions will help us master the operation process of the soldering gun more proficiently. Next, ATO will bring you knowledge about how to use welding guns and precautions.

    How do You Calibrate a CO2 Sensor?

    Any CO2 sensor needs to be calibrated before use to improve accuracy. So how much do you know about the calibration method of the carbon dioxide sensor? Next, let's learn the calibration knowledge of carbon dioxide sensor together.

    How to Use Soldering Iron?

    Soldering iron is the most commonly used welding tool for electronic engineers. Using a soldering iron well will save us a lot of time in our work. For friends who are not familiar with electric soldering irons, it is still very difficult to use. Today, ATO will explain to you about the use of electric soldering iron and welding skills, so that more people are familiar with electric soldering iron, let's learn it together.