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    How to Select a Pressure Washer?

    The pressure washer is a machine that washes the surface of objects by a power unit to generate high-pressure water from high-pressure piston pump. It can remove and wash away the dirt to reach the purpose of clean the surface of objects. Using high-pressure water column to clean the dirt, high-pressure washes is a clean way that is the most scientific, economic and environmental in the world. However, how to choose a pressure washer?

    How to Select an Industrial Endoscope?

    The industrial endoscope plays an important role in the industrial inspection. As the development of technology, the industrial endoscope is used widely because the manufacturer pursues quality inspection and intact testing. There are various industrial endoscopes, and different kinds of endoscopes are used on different fields, such as petrochemical industry, aviation, and industrial machinery, etc. However, how to select an industrial endoscope?

    Different kinds of industrial endoscopes have different range of application. Usually an industrial endoscope should be selected according to the position of inspected objects. The selection of the industrial endoscope is based on following factors.

    How to Wire & Install Isolation Transformer

    The "input" and "output" terminals of a isolation transformer should be short-circuited to test their insulation resistance against the ground wire by a megohmmeter. When measuring by 1000V megohmmeter, the resistance value is greater than 2M ohms. The cross-sectional area of the isolation transformer input and output power lines should meet the requirements of its current value. It is appropriate to configure the electric current density of 2 ~ 2.5a /mm2.

    How to Select a Limit Switch?

    Limit switch is a device that makes use of the collision of the machine moving parts to make the contacts operating to realize the control circuit is turned on or off, so as to achieve a certain control purpose. It cooperates with other devices to form more complex automation equipments in industry. Therefore, selecting more suitable limit switches will make the entire automatic control system becomes more reasonable and efficient.

    How to Calibrate a Digital Crane Scale?

    For the digital crane scale, in order not to affect its weighing result, it is required to calibrate it regularly. After investigation, many customers either neglect to calibrate the digital crane scale or have the incorrect calibration method. Now let's introduce you how to calibrate the digital crane scale correctly.

    How to Buy a Right Automatic Voltage Stabilizer?

    After receiving the product, many customers find that the power of the voltage stabilizer is too small, and the functions are not enough, resulting in returns and replacements, unnecessary shipping costs, and waste of time and money. ATO explains how to buy the correct automatic voltage stabilizer to you.

    How to Select an Insulation Resistance Tester?

    The insulation performance of electrical equipment is usually judged by measuring its insulation resistance. In order to ensure the personal safety and the operation safety of electrical equipment, a minimum requirement is imposed on the insulation resistance between conductors of different phases or between the conductor and the equipment casing. In power engineering, the insulation resistance is measured quantitatively through an insulation tester, also called megohmmeter or megger, so as to determine whether there are insulation problems or hidden safety hazards.

    How to Prevent a Spark at Relay Contacts?

    The relay contacts’ jumping or switching on/off will cause the change of inductive load and further gas discharge. The current of relay contact on-off is small, there will be no electrical arc between contacts, but there will be a spark at the relay contacts. Due to the existence of inductance in the contact circuit, there will be overvoltage on the inductance when disconnecting the contact circuit. Together with the voltage supply in the contact gap, the contact gap that just separates a little will be broken down and discharged. Limited to energy, there will only be spark discharge. The conversion of capacitance between contacts and energy in inductance makes spark discharge disappear and reappear, becoming a high frequency signal, which will be crosstalk to related circuits by means of high frequency radiation, wire transmission and distributed capacitance, forming interference signals. Furthermore, spark discharges can also damage relay contacts and shorten the service life of contacts, so that sparks may ablate contact surfaces and make the surface uneven, resulting in failure of relay poor contact.

    How to Maintain UPS Battery Life?

    When using uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, people tend to unilaterally believe that there is no need to maintain batteries. However, the data show that there is about one third UPS host failure or abnormal operation caused by battery failure. Therefore, it is more and more important to strengthen the proper use and maintenance of UPS battery for prolonging the service life of batteries and then reducing the failure rate of UPS system.

    How to Increase Efficiency of Step Up/Step Down Transformer?

    Step up or step down transformer is an important part of power grid operation, it's of great significance to the stable operation of the power grid. It meets different power demands by adjusting current and voltage. Once a transformer fails, it will cause great losses to the whole power grid, and further affects the normal operation of industrial production. In order to ensure the efficient operation of transformers, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive management of the whole process of installation and application, thus reducing potential safety hazards and improving operational efficiency.

    How to Select a Right Magnetic Flow Meter?

    Nowadays, the magnetic flow meter (electromagnetic flow meter) has been widely applied to measuring of industrial sewage or wastewater. With a high precision and a long service life, the magnetic flow meter is the top choice for the environmental measuring industry. To choose the correct magnetic flow meter can five fuller play to the magnetic flow meter for specific purposes. Generally, the selection of the magnetic flow meter is based on the following factors including chemical attributes of the fluid medium, pipeline diameter, flow range, liner material, electrode material and output signal.

    How to Calculate AC Contactor Current Rating for Motor?

    The AC contactor has found wide applications in the motor-controlled circuit. It is no exaggeration to say that the electric drive of most motors cannot be separated from the control of the AC contactor. Many electricians are very familiar with the AC contactor for their frequency use or maintenance of it. How should we calculate the AC contactor rating for the motor or other equipment and make a right choice? Let us take a look at it.

    How to Select a Right Sensor?

    Modern industrial sensors are vastly different in principle and structure, and there are so many different types of products on the market. How can we find the ideal sensor for a specific application? When the sensor is selected, the corresponding measurement method and measuring equipment can be determined. The success or failure of measurement results largely depends on whether the selection of sensors is reasonable.

    How to Select a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)?

    With the rapid development of industrial automation, the variable frequency drive, used for frequency conversion debugging, is thereof widely used. As an important role of frequency conversion speed regulation and energy saving, VFD is mainly used to control the AC motor's power control equipment by changing the frequency of the motor's working power supply. It's not only advantageous for improving the enterprise's process and production level, but also plays an important role in energy saving. But how should we choose an appropriate VFD?

    How to Size a Soft Starter?

    Load capacity of soft starter mainly refers to the overload capacity. Due to different working system, actual load capacity of soft starter is also different. For example, the soft starter generally bears a current of 2~4 times of rated current at starting process, and the duration is within 60s. For long-term working systems, the soft starter actually works under short-term overload during starting process. But for short-term working systems, the soft starter actually works under long-term overload during starting process. Thermal capacity of power semiconductor devices (thyristors) is very small, so the overload capacity of devices mainly depends on the overload capacity of power conductor devices and heat dissipation capacity of soft starters.

    How to Measure the Inductance of a 3 Phase Reactor?

    With the three-phase reactor, in regulating the speed of the original power frequency excitation, the establishment of the feedback voltage maintains the excitation current in the excitation coil to be in a rather small amplitude, which will basically not exceed the maximum value. It can reach the maximum value unless it is in full-speed operation status. The three-phase reactor is widely used in the elevator, wind power generation, solar power generation, railroad engine, metro, machine tool, welding machine, industrial washing machine, airplane, ship, electromechanical laboratory of the university and other fields.

    How to Test a Pressure Transducer?

    When we get a pressure transducer, it's necessary to do detection for it. The easiest way to test a pressure transducer is to connect it to a display instrument directly. And check whether the display value changes with the pressure. If it is ok. We have to do further detection for the pressure transducer.

    How to Choose a Right Power Inverter for Car?

    Inverter is a kind of transformer converting the low-voltage DC power (usually such as the power output by the battery) into the high-voltage AC high-frequency power (sine wave AC power of 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz). Take a 12V DC to 220V AC car power inverter as example to illustrate the working principle briefly. Firstly, the 12V low-voltage DC power in the vehicle is converted into the high-voltage DC power of around 265V, and then the 265V DC power is converted into the sine wave AC power of 220V, 50Hz. The main inner components of power inverter include the Inverter Bridge, filter circuit, oscillator, control logic circuit and so on. At present, a large amount of various power inverters are filled in various e-commerce platforms. The cheapest one is only tens of dollars, but the expensive ones can cost several hundreds or even one thousand dollars. The maximum power it sustains range from dozens of wattages to several hundreds of wattages. Then, what kind of power inverter can we choose?

    How to Reduce Ripple of Switching Power Supply?

    As to the ripple wave of the switching power supply, it certainly exists both theoretically and practically. Generally speaking, here are some approaches restraining or reducing it.
    Reducing EMI - diode back connection inductance
    The metal shell can be adopted as the shield which is used to reduce the radiated interference of the external electromagnetic field. In order to reduce the electromagnetic interference of the power line input, the power input terminal is equipped with the EMI power line filter, just as the below diagram shows (EMI filter is also named as the power line filter). This is also a method usually used to restrain the high-frequency noise.

    How to Choose a Gas Detector?

    Gas detectors are widely used in petrochemical, environmental protection, gasoline, coal mining and other industries. For all kinds of different safety production occasions and testing requirements, the selection of a suitable gas detector must be very important for every person engaged in safety and health work.
    First of all, confirm the type and concentration range of the gas to be tested. The type of gas encountered in each production department is different. All possible situations should be considered when selecting a gas detector.
    Then, choose differet types of gas detector based on industrial environment - fixed gas detector and portable gas detector.