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    How to Choose Level Sensor?

    In the automated production process, liquid level detection and monitoring has always played a more important role, such as the production of food and beverage, daily chemical products, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and other industries, the cooling and lubrication of various machines, liquid level monitoring directly affects the quality of the product, and even related to the production process can be carried out smoothly.

    ato level sensor

    How to Adjust Timer Relay?

    The main function of a time relay is to act as an actuator in a simple program control, when it receives a start signal to start the timing, after the timing is over its operating contacts are opened or closed, thus driving the subsequent circuit work. Generally speaking, the time delay performance of a time relay is adjustable within the design range, thus making it easy to adjust the length of its delay time, so this article will tell you how to adjust time relay.

    How to Choose Impact Wrenches?

    Impact wrench, also known as ratchet wrench and power tool in general, is mainly a tool that provides high torque output with minimal consumption. It accelerates an object with a certain mass by a continuous power source and then instantly slams into the output shaft, so that a relatively large torque output can be obtained.

    ● Applications

    ● How to choose impact wrenches?

    What is a Temperature Controller?

    The temperature controller is a kind of intelligent temperature control instrument. It has the functions of temperature curve programmable or fixed-point constant temperature control, multiple PID regulation, output power limiting curve programming, manual / automatic switching, soft start, alarm switch output, real-time data query, communication with computer, etc. It combines digital temperature meter and ZK thyristor voltage regulator into one, which integrates temperature measurement, regulation and driving. The meter directly outputs thyristor trigger signal, which can drive all kinds of thyristor loads. It is used in all kinds of high and low voltage switchgear, dry-type transformer, box type substation and other related temperature application fields. In addition to understanding what the temperature controller is, we also need to know its three "how": how to work, how to use, and how to choose the temperature controller for better use of ATO.   

    How to Choose a Suitable HMI?

    The Human Machine Interface (HMI) has a variety of hardware and software functions. The user should set the target application first, and then find a suitable solution according to the needs of the application. Look at the required HMI functions, and try to select the equipment and software that meet the needs. Most options are simple and straightforward, but some are not. So what details do we need to pay attention to when selecting a HMI?

    How to Select a Right Vibration Motor?

    Vibration motor is on both ends of the rotor shaft installed a set of adjustable eccentric block, the centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation shaft and eccentric block vibration force. With the improvement of vibration motor performance, the application scope has been greatly expanded. Now it is used in metallurgical industry, water conservancy industry and coal industry.

    Because of the increase in demand, the number of manufacturers producing and selling vibration motors has increased a lot. We don't know how to choose when you are faced with so many types of products. In order to choose a suitable vibration motor, ATO lists some specific indicators of vibration motor selection:

    What are the Types and Applications of Sensors?

    We live in a world of sensors. They are everywhere. You can find them in our homes, offices, hospitals, etc. They can make our lives more convenient and easy by detecting our presence to turn on lights, regulate room temperature, detect smoke or fire, and many other tasks. In this article, ATO will make a detailed introduction from four aspects: the definition of sensor, different types, application and how to choose a right sensor.

    There are many definitions of sensors. Generally speaking, a sensor is a detection device, which can sense the measured information, and can transform the perceived information into electrical signals or other required forms of information output according to certain rules, so as to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, record and control.

    How To Choose the Best Door Opener?

    With the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of human living standards, automatic door opener has been gradually recognized and accepted by more and more people. Correspondingly, the door machine on the automatic door market is springing up, and its rapid development is amazing. There are numerous brands of automatic doors and various types. Automatic door opener seems to realize automatic door opening and closing, but its internal integration technology is fundamentally different. It is difficult for users to judge the quality of automatic induction door opener if they lack relevant knowledge. This article will introduce how to choose automatic door opener in detail? What problems should be paid attention to when purchasing automatic door opener? How to know the quality of automatic door opener? Here is the most common translational induction automatic door machine as an example, I hope to help you choose automatic door machine.

    How to Select and Debug SCR Power Controller?

    The thyristor power controller adopts thyristor (SCR or TRIAC) as the switching component, namely, a non-contact switch that can quickly and accurately control the closing time. It serves as an essential terminal equipment for power control designed for high precision and high dynamic indicators. It is worth noting that different loads and constraints of the operation environment determine different control modes and require various supporting equipment. Among control modes there are phase angle control, distributed crossover and time proportional zero crossover. In actual use, SCR power controllers can be sorted into single-phase SCR power controllers and three-phase SCR power controllers in accordance with their load types, power supply types and power supply voltage levels. So, how should we choose the right type of power controller and bring its optimum performance into play with minimal damage? The following passages will give you the answer.

    How to Use the Tool Setter?

    According to the relevant data and practice, the repeatability of the tool setting probe is 1 um, and that of the chuck less than 15 inches is 5 um. The repeated accuracy of the tool arm can reach 8um for the chuck of 18 inches and above. This precision can meet the needs of most users without trial cutting. The use of tool setting instrument reduces the auxiliary time of the machine tool and reduces the rework and scrap rate. The efficiency and accuracy of the machine tool can be significantly improved when the machine tool is used from the beginning to the end.

    How to Use Digital Oscilloscope?

    Digital oscilloscope is an indispensable tool for the design, manufacture and maintenance of electronic equipment. With the rapid development of technology and market demand, engineers need the best tools to quickly and accurately solve the measurement challenges. As the eyes of engineers, digital oscilloscope is very important to meet the current difficult measurement challenges. Because of the unique advantages of waveform trigger, storage, display, measurement, waveform data analysis and processing, digital oscilloscope is widely used. Due to the large performance difference between digital oscilloscope and analog oscilloscope, if used improperly, it will produce large measurement error, thus affecting the test task.

    How to Use Air Blower?

    The blower is mainly composed of the following six parts: motor, air filter, blower body, air chamber, base, drip nozzle. The blower operates eccentrically on the rotor offset in the cylinder, and changes the volume between the blades in the rotor slot to suck in, compress, and discharge air. The pressure difference of the blower is used to automatically send lubrication to the drip nozzle, and drip into the cylinder to reduce friction and noise, while keeping the gas in the cylinder from returning. This type of blower is also called a sliding vane blower. This article will talk about the use of blowers.In order to ensure personal safety, the operator must be familiar with this regulation before starting, and operate the blower strictly in accordance with this regulation.

    How to Use Current Transformers?

    A current transformer is an instrument that converts a large current on the primary side into a small current on the secondary side based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The current transformer is composed of a closed core and windings. Its primary winding has a few turns and is stringed in the line of the current that needs to be measured. This article will introduce the principles and precautions that should be paid attention to in the actual application of current transformers.

    How to Use Conductivity Meter?

    Conductivity meter is an instrument and equipment suitable for precise measurement of various liquid media, mainly used to accurately measure the conductivity of liquid media. When equipped with electrodes with corresponding constants, the conductivity of high-purity water can be accurately measured. At present, it is widely used in scientific research and production in various fields. This article aims to tell you how to use the conductivity meter.

    How to Use Hot Knife Foam Cutter?

    The hot knife cutter's blade is a metal strip that melts the woven sleeve when heated to a high enough temperature. This not only reduces the length required when the woven sleeve is melted, but also fuses the cut to prevent loss due to loose yarn during installation and use.

    How to Use Sander?

    The sander is mainly for some surface unevenness and smoothness, usually used in the field of decoration, jade, handicrafts, hardware, electronics, stone, wood, etc., the main uneven surface grinding flat can be.

    How to Maintain Magnetic Stirrer Life?

    Magnetic stirrers are usually used in food, biopharmaceutical and other fields. As biopharmaceuticals put forward higher requirements for the sterility and risk control of the agitator shaft seal, industrial magnetic agitators came into being in Sweden in the 1980s. Magnetic stirrers have become the mainstream of the market, and continue to develop in the direction of simplicity, high torque, high shear force or very low shear force, safe bearing materials, easy online cleaning, and online sterilization. For example, a magnetic stirrer for bioreactors, a magnetic stirrer for high-shear homogenization, etc. Whether it can prove that the agitator can be cleaned and sterilized online, and the bearing material safety has become the gold standard before the selection of biopharmaceutical agitators. 

    How to Troubleshoot Handheld Inkjet Printer Issues?

    In the daily use of handheld inkjet printer are encountered in the process of some problems. Generally speaking, the working principle of online inkjet printers is more complex, and when a failure occurs, you usually need to contact the inkjet printer manufacturer's staff to guide the maintenance. While the working principle of handheld inkjet printers is relatively simple, as long as know the common processing methods, the fault can be easily resolved, and ATO's editor will explain it to you below.

    How to Maintain the Dryer?

    Before the dryer enters normal work, there will be a period of adaptation (run-in period, generally 3 days). This period is to ensure that the dryer can work normally during the formal production process and minimize the number of dryers. The probability of an accident, the correct operation during the adaptation period can prolong the service life of the dryer, so we must pay attention to the details of each operation during this period.

    How to Use Handheld Inkjet Printer?

    Handheld inkjet printer as a popular small, portable coding equipment, can be easily on all kinds of products, large can not move the equipment on the flexible positioning of the assignment code. Can complete all kinds of common Chinese, English, digital, serial numbers, icons, LOGO, variable information, two-dimensional codes, bar codes and other forms of identification. ATO as one of the handheld printer equipment suppliers, provide a series of pre-sales and after-sales service programs. Now, let's take a look at the specific content of the handheld inkjet printer operating guide.